14 Best Hand Tool Brands in the World 2021 (Made in the USA)


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There are many different Best Hand Tool Brands available for seamless task completion. Their main purpose is to save your time and effort and complete the work done with more efficiency. So, you have to choose the useful hand tools that become a good companion in your daily work.

We have discussed some prominent hand tool brands that are famous for their work capacity. You should also read their history, reputation, construction material, durable and reliability. Their products are considered the best product among others and highly suitable for the day-long task.

14 Best Hand Tool Brands 2021

Best Hand Tool Brands
14 Best Hand Tool Brands in 2021

1. Craftsman

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tools Kit (CMMT99206), bed list of hand tool brands for money

Another best hand tool brand is Craftsman, making tools, lawn equipment, garden equipment, and workwear. Stanley Black & Decker now owns the original Sears brand, which began as Sears’ house brand.

Craftsman has been around nearly a century and is regarded as an icon of American manufacturing.  Specifically, Craftsman was founded as an in-house brand within Sears, allowing them to become highly competitive and accessible during Sears’s heyday.

Not least because they dominated the market through their primary sales channel, Craftsman may be one of the best-known hand tool brands in the US. The firm has continuously offered tools to homemakers,  master mechanics, builders, and auto enthusiasts for all the years that the firm has existed.

These variations have increased Craftsman’s position as one of the leading brands in the modern hand tool market. It is not surprising that you would feel comfortable buying their products because they have a long history of making high-quality products. Furthermore, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

Some Craftsman hand tools include hand saws, finishing tools, ratchets, nut drivers, wrenches,  hex keys, pliers and more. The brand continues to grow, offering a wide range of cheap hand tools, clothing,  power tools, software, lawn and garden equipment, and electronics.

2. Channellock

Channellock TOOL ROLL-8 8 Piece Professional Pliers Set Adj Wrench & Tongue and Groove

This brand is known for its high-quality and common hand tools, but the pliers probably stand out as their best.

Channellock is a household name among hand tools, so it’s not surprising that they are so popular. In addition to that, Their main product, adjustable tongue and groove pliers, is little more than a generic name for pliers of this style. Their tongue and groove pliers come in the straight jaw model that is 6.5 inches, found in the toolboxes of craftsmen and homeowners.

Moreover, The company’s official website will help you learn about pliers you thought you already knew.

The company started out manufacturing simple and beautiful hand tools in 1886, but today it makes various essential tools that you might need. At present, the company produces tools for multiple sectors.

A Channellock plier is available in over 140 different varieties. There are plenty of sectors that appeal to Americans, from electrical, automotive, plumbing, HVAC, first responders to metal fabrication and agriculture.

3. Stanley

STANLEY Professional Grade Black Chrome NEW Mechanics Tool Set, list of hand tools

Stanley is one of the oldest hand tools companies in the United States, dating back to 1843. Despite membership in the merged Stanley Black & Decker & Stanley Black & Decker since 2010, this brand retains a great deal of its previous prominence in the marketplace.

The brand also owns several other brands in the same industry. Craftsman, Irwin Tools, Porter-Cable, Dewalt & Makita, and others are some of the top brands you can choose from. The brand boasts a great deal of recognition in the industry, resulting in some of the best hand tools.

Hand tools include saws, rulers, try squares, screwdrivers, chisels, and more from the company. One of the best-known manufacturers of builders’ tools, it is well known today.

Their official site offers a lot of information about the various hand tools available for purchase. These machines feature high-quality digital leveling systems and extra-durable carbide blades that are exceptionally accurate and reliable.

4. DeWalt

DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

DeWalt has developed a reputation for producing high-quality power tools in recent years. However, their products are widely available and affordable, resulting in their continued prominence in the hand tool market. The Dewalt company provides the best hand tools for the money.

A pioneer in the development of hand and power tools since 1923, the company continues to innovate in this industry today. Nowadays, professionals are loyal to this brand, and any tool they get from DeWalt will last them for years.

It is pretty impressive to see the range of hand tools that DeWalt offers, and you can get all the benefits from it. The DeWalt tools are expensive, but they are handy and meet the criteria of the people. It also makes their work hassle-free.

There are axes, pry bars, hammers, torque wrenches, knives, blades, manual fastening tools, ratchets, and clamps. Lifetime warranties should tell you that they make durable products that are worth buying.

5. Snap-On

Snap on 3pc multi tool knife & flashlight set, hand tool manufacturers

Snap-On is the top hand tools brand. Incorporated is an American company that designs, manufactures, and markets high-end tools and equipment for use in various industries such as heavy-duty equipment, automotive,  aviation, marine, and railroad.

In 1920, Snap-On started as a small company but had grown to become a household name for Americans. This brand is highly innovative due to its 3,300+ pending and active patents. It is widely recognized as a leader in its field.

Because the company operates in approximately 130 countries worldwide, it has an extensive reach for today.

The store offers pliers, hammers, service toolsets, pry bars, and more if you want to buy or replace some of your hand tools.

They manufacture tools for different industries all over the planet. There are a lot of industries that provide tools for construction,  automotive,  aviation, collision, agriculture, mining, and many more.   As opposed to their dealers, they sell directly to their customers by van.

This company’s versatility is apparent. The organization continually seeks to improve its tools and shows its commitment to doing so. In addition, it has 4,900 mobile stores around the world, which makes it convenient to travel.

6. Estwing

Estwing 20-Pound Hard Face Sledge Hammer for Demolition/Stake Driving

Next, Estwing Manufacturing Company, founded by Swedish immigrant Ernest O. Estwing in 1923, manufactures tools that include hammers, axes, and nails. The headquarters of the company is located in Rockford, Illinois. Their hand tools have been equipped with shock-reducing grips since 2001.

A worksite might require durable tools designed and manufactured by it. In addition, they are famous for the comfort they provide and the overall attractiveness of their equipment. The company tries its best to ensure the customer’s comfort when working in highly vibrational environments.

Pry bars, axes, claw hammers, among many others, are among the most popular hand tools used by plumbers. Professionals, such as firefighters, are easily able to purchase their hand tools because of their reputation.

In addition to new tools developed annually, Estwing also releases new systems each year. The goal is to keep people knowledgeable about the sector and to solve possible new problems they might be experiencing.

In short, the Estwing hand tool brand is highly compatible to purchase of premium quality tool.

7. Klein

Klein Tools 94130 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Tool Set with #2 Phillips and 1/4-Inch Cabinet Slim Tips, 2 Pliers and Wire Stripper, types of hand tools

Only Klein, a leading worldwide company focused on electrical and utility applications, produces tools for those applications. Klein Tools is the only manufacturer of hand tools and electrical cabling equipment in the United States that produces more products than its competitors.

Furthermore, the Klein company produces the best hand tools in the world. If you want the longest history, Klein is the brand to choose. It has been making various types of tools for over 160 years and is now a company with over 160 years of experience. Professionals looking for quality and durable equipment will surely choose this brand to purchase the durable and last longer product.

In addition to the store brand, the company owns other companies that offer necessary tools for home as well as at a workplace. Also, CBS productions, Civitella, Klein cutlery are just a few of the brands available.  A single brand can lead you to a variety of others under it.

There are many distributors of Klein hand tools available if you need them. The convenience of this should help those who want to test out hand tools made by this company.

8. Lenox

Lenox Tools 30805500A Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw with T3 Technology, Automotive Kit

Lenox Corporation is an American manufacturer of tableware, collectibles, and giftware. Among its product lines are Lenox, Dansk, Reed & Barton, and Gorham. The company started out with just 18 employees. It was America’s most prestigious manufacturer of tableware and decorative pieces throughout the 20th century. It has always been the mission of Lenox to make professionals’ lives easier since 1915.

The earliest tool of the Lenox Brand is the Hacksaw blade. The Lenox brand has gained popularity all over the world, making it popular in America and abroad. It can be found online at the Lenox site.

Early in the 20th century, Lenox’s products became popular, and the company transitioned from artisanal manufacturing to a factory-oriented operation, producing standard patterns with handwork, especially in painting.

Moreover, the best thing is that the Lenox company is famous for producing quality hand tools. Over the past 100 years, the company’s passion for producing quality tools has not lessened. The versatility of hand tools makes them an appealing tool to use.  The brand now makes more than hand tools and now produces power tools and industrial saw blades.

There is a wide selection of Lenox tools, including hand saws, utility knives, power tools,  tool storage, HVAC tools, screwdrivers, and more.

9. Dalluge

Vaughan & Bushnell 2115C Dalluge 21 oz. Framing Hammer, top Hand Tool Brands

The Dalluge Tool manufacturing brand is a lighter hammer when you swing it because its head-to-handle ratio is precise. Designed by a professional carpenter for an experienced carpenter, the Dalluge is a real winner in the weight department. In the end, nailing becomes more sure, deeper, and powerful, and the arm and shoulder are less strained. Innovative hand tools are essential for professionals, and the brand knows how to create them.

Furthermore, Its products include axes, pry bars, hammers, and hand saws. Dalluge is an American manufacturer. A brand of accurate and durable tools, Dalluge Tools, guarantees its customers accuracy and longevity.

 You never know when you might need their tools, so it is always a good idea to make sure you have them.  Most of the hand tools that firefighters use are familiar to carpenters and DIYers. If you have to work with various hand tools on multiple projects, it is very natural that you would want to take that route.

Since the brand focuses on quality and durability, their hand tools feel sturdy and balanced in hand. The tools are not so heavy that you’ll experience strains on your arm and shoulder even if you use them for hours. It offers a wide range of hand tools to fit every need and is designed for both professionals and DIYers. The brand offers various hand tools, including nail pullers, framing hammers, pry bars, and more.

10. Gearwrench

GEARWRENCH 243 Pc. 12 Pt. Mechanics Tool Set in 3 Drawer Storage Box - 80972, common hand tool brands

Automotive technicians and industrial users depend on GearWrench to produce high-quality hand tools for their jobs. GearWrench company manufactures the product to meet the demanding needs of automotive technicians and industrial users, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanics hand tools.

Having been founded in 1996, the company serves mechanics on the whole continent and around the world. In keeping with the brand’s name, Gearwrench is associated with mechanics because they make almost any hand tool a mechanic would need in a workshop.

In addition, The Gearwrench company manufactures professional hand tools. There are more than 4,800 different tools available to mechanics at the company. The tools include pliers, pry bars, and ratcheting wrenches. But this is not the end; It also has some other tools like sockets, unique, a leading manufacturer of high-quality mechanics hand toolsGearWrench products are tools, screwdrivers, and other automotive specialty tools.

As well as revolutionizing the world of hand tools, Gearwrench is seen as a game-changer as well. The tools it has developed have still earned the company multiple awards.

Several clients have left testimonials about the tools on the company’s website, facilitating the trust level with the tools. In short, it has improved its speed and quality of the tools made by adopting new manufacturing methods.

11. Empire

Empire EM81.12 True Blue 12-Inch Magnetic Tool Box Level. Empire Level Comp. Packet of 3

Empire is another best hand tool brand that serves the world with its premium tools. One of the brands that make construction tools is this one. This company has provided construction workers with quality hand tools since it was founded in 1919.

Several hand tools are available to help you improve your accuracy. Newer and better construction tools are a necessity for the industry. The Empire is the best hand tools manufacturer company and serves the world with its premium and durable hand tools.

The accuracy of the work is equally crucial in a construction project. The Empire team is constantly developing new tools for users to work more effectively, so don’t worry about that.

12. Grace USA

Grace USA - Brass Starter Punch Set - BSP4 - Gunsmithing - Brass Punches, Best Hand Tool Brands in usa

Grace USA produces products with high standards of excellence using only the best American-made materials by craftsmen who care about what they do.  Furthermore, Grace USA, founded in 1941, has always committed to buying American policies.

The Grace USA company produces premium quality, high performance, durable, reliable, and long-lasting hand tools. It helps to reduce effort and does not put pressure on the shoulder even if you work all day long. Their handicraft tools are exact and have impressive quality.

Despite overcoming the difficulties of mass production, Grace USA has always maintained high quality. Hand tools are available from the company, including brass punches, hammers, hooks,  screwdrivers, and pick sets, to name a few.

13. Council Tool

Council Tool 2.0 Lb Hudson Bay Camp Axe, 14 hand tool brands

Council tool is another best brand in the list of hand tools. A great deal of Council Tool Company’s importance lies in people. Because people design and manufacture the tools. They just don’t even manufacture but also market them too. At Council Tool, employees are dedicated to their work.

Their employees provide the quality you’re looking for with the experience and dedication you need. The employees of Council Tool have almost 600 years of tool-making expertise combined. Historically, these departments have had a strong relationship with the company since the 1930s.

The Council Tool brand is famous mainly for making premium quality tools for forest fires and other different emergency works. Its current reputation is as a manufacturer of fire tools that are flexible and suitable for a wide range of needs. The council tool company produces the first-ever fire rake, the fire swatter, and other tools.

The Council Tool brand covers a wide variety of departments. There are also great tools that are compatible with homes and are not just for fire departments.

Council Tool can provide hand tools based on your needs. It is just not producing fire tools but also gardening, digging, prying, brush cutting, and outdoor camping.

14. Leatherman

LEATHERMAN, Original Wave Multitool with Scissors and Eyeglass Screwdriver Bit the Best Hand Tool Brands

Leatherman is another best hand tool manufacturer company famous over many decayed. In addition, Leatherman Tool Group of Portland, Oregon, manufactures multitools and knives under the Leatherman brand. Steve Berliner and Timothy S. Leatherman founded the company in 1983 with the idea of making a portable, capable tool with multiple functions.

The age of the company becomes more than 3 decays. Moreover, Affordability makes their tools appealing to many consumers. This brand has the most robust hand tools, so it’s a good choice if you need durability. Regardless of the tool, you can expect excellent quality from this brand.

It is good to integrate a blog into a hand tool company’s marketing strategy to make it more attractive to customers. For this reason, you are likely to find different versions of a single product, some of which are improvements on the other.

The blogs keep the user updated about their upcoming products, improvements, latest tools, upgrading that tools, etc. Here is not the end. It also provides information about the company and their roadmap, and what they think for their bright futures. The Leatherman company offers a variety of products, including knives, multi-tools,  wearables, and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best hand tool brand?

There are various brands known as the best hand tools manufacturer, including DeWalt, Empire, Gearwrench, etc.

2. Who makes the best hand tools in the world?

Among all, the DeWalt company is famous for producing the best hand tools in the world.

3. What are hand tools used for?

In crafts, a hand tool is a piece of equipment used for manual tasks. For example, chopsticks, chisels, saws, filing, or forging. Tools such as the hammer and vise, perfect for holding and nailing, serve as complementary tools to shaping tools.

4. What are hand tools?

Tools that operated with hand are typically more efficient than motors. The most popular hand tools are files, saws, wrenches, snips, cutters, special tools, pliers, or struck or hammered tools, drills, clamps, screwdrivers, vises, and knives.

5. Where are Irwin Tools made?

Since 2003, Irwin Industrial Tool Company has operated under the name of Irwin Industrial Tool Company. After 80 years of American production, Irwin announced the closing of the DeWitt plant in 2008, citing the necessity to move manufacturing to China “to keep the Vise-Grips name competitive.”

6. Is Stanley a good brand?

The quality of their tool kits tends to be good too. They are leaders in their fields. Stanley is known for its razor knives, tape measures, and hammers and is one of my favorite tool brands.

7. Who makes Williams tools?

Snap-on in the US makes the Williams tools.

8. Who makes DeWalt hand tools?

A leading supplier of power and hand tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries, DeWalt Industrial Tool Company is an American company that produces a wide range of products. Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. is the parent company of Stanley Black & Decker, which owns the DeWalt trademark.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you can choose any tool from the Best Hand Tool Brands discussed above. But you should be capable enough to keep the difference between each.

In the list above, we featured a range of comprehensive brands of quality hand tools for workshops and the job site. Your choice will usually depend on your particular industry.


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