Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun for Professionals on The Market in 2021

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A grease gun makes the machine joints and nuts smooth and hassle-free. To make this task smoother and easier, we review the Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun that is fully gripped and slip-free that ensures providing lubricant in hard-to-reach areas.

But for hard and narrow areas, you need a high-end gun with high pressure that can easily reach the machine and make them smooth and rust-free.

Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun 2021

Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

As there are different brands and types of grease guns available on the market but choosing the best pistol grip grease gun is base on all of your information and research. If you are a beginner and don’t have previous experience buying the best quality pistol grip grease gun, don’t worry.

We have provided a comprehensive bing guide about pistol grease guns. Read this article attentively and get the all needed information about grease guns. After collecting the information and taking the experienced user reviews, we have listed the top 8 pistol grip grease guns that will surely meet your needs.

List of Top 8 Best Pistol Grip Grease Guns in 2021 – Highly Recommended

1-Lincoln 1134 Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Lincoln 1134 Pistol Grip is a high-end lubrication gun with 7,500 PSI pressure at a very reasonable price. Its high-pressure features make it worthy for the hard and rough areas. A multi-featured product that is enough for a long life is a gift for the users.

It comes with extra power and capacity that make it a high-end grease gun at an affordable price. It is difficult to provide the lubricant in narrow or hard areas using a traditional grease gun, but it becomes possible to use 18 inches wipe hose and 6 inches rigid extension.

The Lincoln 1134 grease gun and its pump head are made up of strong and hard materials. It will make the machines and tools rust-free and increase their power and lifespan.

This amazing product is well-gripped and sophisticated designed is incredibly easy to use even at most difficult places. Its premium dual-lip follower will not waste the lubricant and save your money and materials. Lincoln 1134 grip grease gun also has an air bleeder for bulk filling, and it will release the trapped air to make the grease gun last longer.


  • 18 inches wipe hose
  • 6 inches rigid extension
  • 7,500 PSI Pressure Consumptions
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Smooth providing lubricants
  • Made up with strong materials
  • Modern and Sophisticated design
  • You must clean it after five to six refills

2-GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

GreaseTek Premium The Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly grease gun, GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip is the best choice. Its dimension is 13.5 x 5 x 2.25 inches, and its weight is only 2.65 pounds. The ideal feature is a slim nozzle of 1 oz.

It provides lubrication in narrow areas. It can store 400CC grease in its tank, and it is enough for a long time. The package also consists of a bleeder valve, 18 inches hose, extension pipe, and a coupler. It also comes with a filer valve for bulk filling. In short, it comes with all of its necessary accessories, and you don’t need to buy any item separately.

The knurled barrel attached with the GreaseTeck Premium Pistol Grip has increased its grip surprisingly. It makes your greasing work easy and makes you tired-free. It does not take much effort for lubricants among hard and narrow joints and bearings. This gun is completely leakage-free and does not break if it drops accidentally.

For precise and efficient working, you can also switch the hose to a regular working mode.


  • 400CC plunger
  • It comes with 18 inches hose
  • The maximum pressure is 4000 PSI.
  • Low price
  • Easily operated
  • Provides lubricants smoothly
  • Made up with strong materials
  • Perfect design and well-gripped
  • No warranty

3- UTOOL Pistol Grip Grease Gun

UTOOL Pistol  Grip Grease Gun 2021

UTOOL Pistol Grease Gun is similar to the GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grease Gun in features and prices with just a difference that it has a high-pressure power of 7000 PSI. So it is more beneficial than GreaseTek in hard and narrow areas.

Although it is an entry-level pistol grease gun and suitable for the middle level and work for a long time. This amazing grease-providing tool is easy to operate. You can operate it with a single push button. You can release the air by using Redesigned air bleeders.

Stool Pistol Grip Grease Gun has an ergonomic design and easy to operate. It can even operate with a single hand. It is made up of solid material, and a Rubber Sleeve increase makes it safer from any damage or broken.

The yellow-colored layer helps to clean easily. It also comes with other needed accessories, including a flex hose, 2 metal hose, and 3 grease couplers that can spread lubrication in hard situations. Another great package for the new user is that it comes with a 6-month warranty that is enough to use and trust.


  • The hose length is 18 inches.
  • The maximum pressure is 7000 PSI.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to operate and use
  • High Pressured Lubrication
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Modern design and well-gripped
  • Comes with all needed necessaries
  • The warranty period is only 1 year

4- Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Bravex Heavy Duty Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The unique features of Braves Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun make it an ideal item for greasing. Its dimension is 14.76 x 5.5 x 3.07 inches, and its weight is 4.36 pounds. The canister of Braves is made up of cold-drawn steel tubes that increase its durability.

It also consists of a low variance ID that makes it a leakage-free device during bulk filling. Breves has a strong and O-Ring shape piston design that makes the pump head leakage-free, and the air bleeder valve will remove the air pocket perfectly.

In short, it is a high-end grease gun at a reasonable price that will not let you feel down at any point. It is made up of heavy-duty strong material and its 1-year warranty package.

The rubber material coated on the item makes it more grippy, increases its safety, and makes it damage-free. The combination of 6000 PSI high-pressure consumption through 18 inches hose increases its positive rating and makes it an ideal unit.

The package consists of Reinforced Flex Hose, Coupler, Spring guard,5.5 solid metal extension tube, 18 inches hose, and a sharp nozzle. It can reload the lubrication in three different ways, including cartridge up to 14 oz, filer, suction. This amazing greasing tool is perfect for Industrial, Agriculture, Automotive, and Marine.


  • 18 inches hose
  • O-Ring shape piston
  • 6000 PSI pressure power
  • 5 ½ strong metal extension
  • Easy to work
  • Solid gripped
  • Reasonable price
  • Made up with strong materials
  • Provides lubricants hassle-free
  • A flexible hose with a sharp nozzle makes greasing effortless and tireless.
  • Little bit heavy

5- STEINBRUCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

STEINBRUCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Like Braves Grease Gun, STEINBRUCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun also has 6000 PSI pressure power and is suitable for heavy-duty greasing. This amazing unit’s dimension is 15 x 5.5 x 3 inches, and its weight is 3.54 pounds. It can provide lubrication in inaccessible areas quickly.

The air bleeder valve feature can easily remove the air pockets. Like other pistol grease guns, you can reload the gun using three ways: cartridge up to 14 oz, suctions for bulk filling, and filler or dispenser pump. You can easily pick any one of these filling ways according to your need and don’t put so much messy load.

Steinbrucke grease gun is a lightweight, durable, and long-lasting grease gun. It also has an O-Ring shape to make the head pump leakage-free and ensure smooth greasing.

This amazing greasing tool is easy to use and operate. You can operate it even with your single hand. It also has a 6 inches stiff hose that gives accurate and precise lubrication in hard and narrow areas.


  • Air Bleeder valve
  • 6000 PSI pressure power
  • 18 inches hose and 6 inches stiff hose
  • O-Ring shape piston to keep the head pump leakage free
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect gripped
  • Made with good materials
  • Provides lubricants hassle-free
  • Flexible hose with a sharp nozzle for hard areas
  • It has not attached LED light for night working

6- AirTec Lube Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

If you are looking for a clean and high-end pistol grip grease gun, then AirTec Lube Shettle is the best choice for you. It has a 16 pounds weight and comes with high-quality zinc-plated steel barrels to make the lubrication smooth, clean, and more efficient.

The most interesting thing about this is that it can easily operate with a single hand. It comes with a high-pressure 500mm nylon hose, 4-jaw hydraulic coupler, and 10 AirTec multipurpose grease tubs.

The maximum pressure of AirTec Lube Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun 4350 PSI, and the burst pressure is 14,450 PSI. It ensures smooth lubrication, and there is no air gap in providing greasing. It will not waste your grease and save a lot of your money and time.

AirTec Lube Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun is useful for industrial machine and agricultural and automotive purposes. The only downside of this amazing tool is that it is high in price, but it fulfills all of your needs.


  • 10 AirTec grease tube
  • 4 jaw hydraulic coupler
  • 500mm high-pressure nylon hose
  • High-end
  • Sharp reloading
  • Single-handed operated
  • Made With high-quality material
  • Smooth and leakage-free lubrication
  • Price is high

7- Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Grease Gun is another best pistol grip grease gun made up of strong heavy-duty materials. Its dimension is 4.19 x 18.25 x 14.38 inches, and its weight is 10.43 pounds. It is a long-lasting unit even it can deliver 5 cartridge grease with just a single charge.

As we mentioned earlier, it is made up of heavy-duty material, so its chrome-plated barrel saves it from corrosion. It provides smooth greasing and makes the machine rust-free and lubricant. LX-1175 Handyluber is a lightweight, balanced, comfortably used, durable, non-slippy, and super-fast greasing machine.

The non-drip cap and spring guard also comes with 30 inches ultra-flex hose. The product package also has all other necessary accessories, including drains, funnels, manual and electric pumps, filter wrench, grease fitting. This is an all-in-one machine that maintains its standard of features and becomes a high positive rating unit. None of the others in the market beat this machine in its quality, design, and performance.


  • 30 inches flexible hose
  • It comes with all other accessories.
  • Handy
  • Long-lasting
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-end and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Creates noise while using

8- LockNLube Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

LockNLube Professional Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Well, let’s pen down the review about another best pistol grip grease gun named LockNLube Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun. A high-end machine at a middle-range price with 8000 PSI pressure consumption is ideal for completing the greasing task. The unit’s dimension is 17 x 8 x 3 inches, and its weight is only 3.59 pounds.

It is attached with Loop and handles clip that helps to store the lubricant easily. Its 20 inches wipe hose, and in-line hose swivel can easily access the hard-to-reach areas.

The head of LockNLube is designed with cast aluminum that prevents it from leakage. It is claimed to be the high volume and high-pressure pistol grip grease gun even though it provides 1 oz grease in 37 strokes. The other features that come with this gun are Air bleeder valve, bulk filler valve, and a 14 oz cartridge capacity.


  • Aluminum head
  • 20 inches wipe hose
  • 8000 PSI pressure power
  • Last-longer
  • Easy to use and work
  • High pressure and high volume
  • Easy to use, work, and clean
  • Spread grease even in hard and narrow areas
  • The size of the locking tip is a little bit large

Buying Guide

We have reviewed the top 8 pistol grip grease guns with super-quality performance, work, and strong materials. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about purchasing the best pistol grip grease gun, don’t worry.

We will guide you from basic to advanced. Just read attentively and try to understand all the information. After reading, you will surely become an expert in purchasing the best unit.

Before buying any product, you must have a complete nature of work. First, know your requirement, read this article to meet the product and then click to purchase or if you want to check an American Made Grease Gun you have this option too as per your needs.

Easy To Use

Wherever you go into the market to purchase the pistol grease gun, you must keep in mind that it is easy to use and operate. It should be perfect in size so that you can use it effortlessly and tirelessly.

A complex greasing machine will involve you in many other issues, and you feel bored and tired even after doing a small task. You can use the battery-powered grease gun if you want more smooth and easy work.


Another main factor to keep in mind before purchasing the grease gun is its performance. The grease gun should work smoothly, and there is no hassle in releasing the lubrication. An unsmooth grease gun will waste your lubrication and take a lot of time.

It also creates many other problems like it suddenly drops a lot of lubrication and makes disturbance during work. It will be an advantage if it loads the gun quickly and must be delayed-free during work.

Loading Time

The loading time of the high-end guns is always fast and smooth. However, most of the pistol grip grease gun has three different way to load including cartridge, suction, and filler. The cartridge is the best way to load the gun, but it is expensive than the suction method of reloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Pistol Grip Grease Gun?

ANS: The grease gun is pistol-designed and easy to operate. Actually, they are pistol-shaped and easily operated with a single hand.

Q2: Which is the Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun?

ANS: This question is hard to describe because it is based on your needs and requirements. We recommend that if you need a high pressured pistol grip grease gun, then LockNLube Professional Pistol Grease Gun is for you, but if you are searching for a gun for a small task, then STEINBRUCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun is enough for you.

First, you know your need and then pick the best one from the above-given grease guns. After analyzing your needs, the grease gun that you purchase is the best for you.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have reviewed the 8 Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun comprehensively and its features, specifications, pros, and cons. Now, just read this review article attentively and pick the best one that suits our work and personality. If you still have a query to ask, don’t hesitate and ask in the comment section. We will entertain your query ASAP.

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