Top Best Power Tool Brands List in the World For Professionals (2021)

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After you determine which tools you should buy, the next most important question is which brand to buy. Switching brands is especially challenging for cordless power tools because the cost of switching brands is high. We have mentioned some Best Power Tool Brands that provide premium quality, durable and lasting products.

Best Power Tool Brands 2021

Best Power Tool Brands
Best Power Tool Brands

This list includes an overview of two or three popular power tools by regions like the United States, Japan, and Europe to help you make your decision before purchasing your first tool.

A Japanese-brand drill may not be the best choice for the users in the US because it was intended for another country.


Milwaukee is a fantastic choice for any DIYer, whether you are a professional or just starting. Founded more than 100 years ago, the brand offers a wide range of power tools.

9 Most Trusted Power Tool Brands in American

American power tool brands popular include DeWalt, Milwaukee, Craftsman, Ridgid, and Kobalt, a few of which are among the best in their field. Others of these are ideal for people who are not professionals but wish to learn more about it. Let’s examine each of them in more detail below.

1. DeWalt

dewalt best power tool set

Among the most popular tool manufacturers globally, DeWalt is a staple of the home improvement industry. As a result of the acquisition by Black & Decker in 1960, the company’s name was changed. Black & Decker was initially not popular among professionals because their perception of the brand was a “homemade” one. The DeWalt image was strengthened in the mid-80s when the brand became the top choice for professionals.

With over a hundred DeWalt products, both wired and wireless, the company’s product portfolio has something to offer anyone. There are multiple saw types, laser levels, sanders, angle grinders, various kinds of drills, and several impact drivers.

A wide assortment of DeWalt accessories, including drill bits, toolboxes, miter saw stands, and even hardware uses worldwide. They also offer items like radios and fans for job sites, in addition to yard equipment such as lawnmowers.

These tools belong to various platforms, including the regular 18 Volt system, the 12 Volt Max system for compact equipment, the 20-volt max system, and the 40-volt max systems for outdoor gear. However, the most interesting one is FLEXVOLT, which keeps the voltage constant at 20V and 60V regardless of what tool it is located. Consequently, it can function as a power source for all the company’s 20V, 60V, and 120V tools.

2. Milwaukee

Milwaukee Best Power Tool Brands in America

In 2005, Techtronic Industries, which owns the Ryobi and Hoover US brands, acquired the company, which was the most recent ownership change.

The Hole Shooter, the company’s first product, gained its company recognition through its versatility, best described as a lightweight, one-handed drill with a 1/4-inch chuck. Our equipment includes construction materials and outdoor gear. The Milwaukee Sawall brand makes the reciprocating saw that often uses as a powerful tool.

The Milwaukee Company also offers gas and corded tools that operated with batteries of various sizes like the M12 System (12 volts), the M18 System (18 volts), and MX FUEL (72 volts).

DeWalt and Milwaukee are both well-known brands among professional contractors and are suitable for almost any work environment.

3. Black & Decker

Black & Decker best tools in the world

Black & Decker is another brand of power tools you must be familiar with, even if you’re not a professional contractor. In 1917, A company invented the portable electric drill that becomes a reason to catch the world’s attention.

According to earlier reports, it acquired the DeWalt brand in 1960, and it became a popular choice among professionals. While Black & Decker went the consumer route, The Black & Decker brand did not. The company manufactures drills, screwdrivers, and sanders that homeowners mostly use on a power tool level.

However, the company also offers routers, along with other specialized instruments, in its lineup. They also manufacture some hand tools and some accessories.

To expand its focus on the consumer market, the company expanded its products by moving beyond power tools and outdoor equipment, including lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. The company now also sells home appliances like toasters and slow cookers and cleaning devices such as vacuums. In short, Black & Decker got fame as the best power tool brand by providing durable and reliable tools.

4. Craftsman

craftsman power tools manufacturer

Stanley Black & Decker, another company within the Craftsman group, dominates the US power tool market with a market share of almost half of the market. Sears first operated it in the 1930s, and then the company employs approximately 26,000 people.

It negotiated an agreement with a complex structure last year that changed ownership of Craftsman as it allows Stanley Black & Decker to acquire the Stanley Black & Decker brand. Similarly, Sears also allowed continuing to use its existing suppliers to manufacture its tools and sell them in its stores for fifteen years.

The Craftsman lineup comprises a significant number of battery-, corded- and gas-powered tools, and it also includes a range of outdoor gear.

In addition to its Versa System, which offers a workshop for storing and organizing hand tools, the company carries various other hand tools.

The brand is more geared towards homeowners than professionals, just like Black & Decker. It is helpful to professionals, but it may be of interest to some hobbyists and even to some professionals.

5. Ridgid

ridgid power best tool company

Ridgid produces mainly a plumbing and HVAC-related tools, unlike the other companies on this list. Their best-known tool from a portfolio that includes a range of different colored pipe wrenches was introduced in 1923 in Ohio. Handypersons and construction workers tend to use other brands more commonly in this list; that’s a primary reason it’s not so widely used.

Power tools from Ridgid are available as well, so they might deserve mention in this context. They manufacture the most commonly used power tools like drills, impact drivers, saws, and air compressors.

You will find the Ridgid may not be a good option for a wide variety of tools with interchangeable batteries. It is probably not an ideal brand for most people, but it is a decent choice if you’re looking to purchase essential electric tools.

6. Kobalt

kobalt power best cordless tool brand

In the same way that Craftsman started from a retailer, so did Kobalt. Furthermore, In 1998, Lowe’s opened its first location in the US rather than a general retailer such as Sears. The Kobalt brand has continued to belong to the company. Several different manufacturers make up the products themselves.

Kobalt tools lie somewhere between the home-use and professional spectrum. The cost of these is low enough to make them appealing to homeowners. In addition to the general public, many hobbyist woodworkers find them to be excellent models. Professional handypersons and contractors aren’t seen very often with Kobalt tools, though.

7. Porter Cable

Porter Cable power tool brands ranked

Founded in 1906, Porter Cable has become an international brand. We expect them to deliver top-quality tools that you’ll enjoy using based on over 100 years of power tool experience. The company was already providing belt sanders to its users as early as 1926. Over the years, we have seen some of the most convenient and powerful power tools invented.

Recently, it has shifted from being a professional brand to becoming an artist. Ryobi competes with Apple for the homeowner’s market share, DIYers, and hobbyists in the present collapse. As a result, many would consider it to be the cheaper version of the DeWalt.

It does not mean their tools aren’t good just because they focus more on the consumer side. You can choose a proper Porter Cable power tool comparable to a DeWalt at a better price.

Among its line-up, you will likely find several power tools so that you can try them out right now. A few of the offers include circular saws, chop saws, drills, combo kits, drill presses, and many more. The official site offers you the opportunity to learn about their various models of power tools.

8. Bostitch

Bostitch good tool brands

As the company was founded in Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1896, Bostitch has its roots there. As a result, the company has now taken on manufacturing other tools for industrial use, such as staplers.

At present, Stanley Black & Decker is the company’s parent. Even though it’s affiliated with the parent company, it still distributes power tools under its brand name.

I found out that the company, Fastenerx, manufactures mostly fastening tools. These tools include staplers, staple guns, glue, nailers, guns, and more. When you are looking for tools like those, you need to look for these tools.

In addition to pneumatic tools, other power tools and mechanic and hand tools have been offered among the brand’s products. With so many choices from the brand’s inventory, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Construction workers most often use this brand because of the nature of the tools it manufactures. They offer the best nailers to make the contractors’ work easier when they’re doing a project.

9. Ingersoll Rand

ingersoll rand best battery power tools

Among the oldest power tool brands in the US, Ingersoll Rand was founded in 1890. Due to its 1859 founding, it now belongs to a century-old organization. Even though it has been making quality power tools for years, it remains one of the best.

Besides manufacturing industrial equipment, technology, and related power tools, the company also made industrial materials. Consequently, it is one of the most sought-after brands for performance power tools of all types.

Our research shows that it manufactures power tools such as impact wrenches, ratchets, drivers, hammers, drills, and more. What’s nice about their tools is that they are within the price range where many people can afford them.

Additionally, they are taking steps toward using cordless tools. You can experience greater portability and versatility with cordless tools. It is even possible without electrical power to use some of these tools at many sites.

The brand also manufactures compressors and lifting machines in addition to power tools. The versatility of this brand will undoubtedly appeal to many individuals. People seeking quality tools at a great price often turn to professionals for recommendations.

3 Trusted Best Power Tool Brands In Japan

In addition to being popular globally, Japanese power tools are also known for their durability and quality engineering. Makita, Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi), and Ryobi would probably be the three machines involved. Let’s examine their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Makita

makita Best Power Tool Brands

Among many professionals, Makita has become the best power tool brand even though Hitachi is more generally known. We prefer to choose this brand of power tools.

In 1915 Mosaburo Makita founded a company that later got into the power tool business. However, by 1958, the company had become more of a manufacturer of professional tools. It had begun with a planer before it quickly extended into devices such as drills. Nowadays, you can find everything you need to improve the quality of your life at a construction site or a workshop, ranging from impact drivers to reciprocating saws, angle grinders, and sanders. In addition to yard equipment and pneumatic tools, it delivers a good range of other products.

Even though the tools are no longer made exclusively in Japan but now manufactured worldwide, the quality remains excellent.

2. Metabo HPT (Hitachi)

metabo top tools brand

The Hitachi Group is involved in a way more than merely manufacturing power tools – and they are one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers. They manufacture everything from screens to construction machinery and aircraft components. Power tools were also a part of the company’s operations until recently when it sold the division to an investment firm named KKR back in 2018.

Several years later, Metabo HPT took the company’s name in its course of rebranding. The Metabo HPT brand offers the full range of tools you would expect from a respected manufacturer. It is especially famous for producing angle grinders and cut-off saws. Despite that, they also offer a good choice of standard tools like drills and impact drivers.

They offer a better selection than brands like DeWalt and Makita. However, their tools cost significantly more than similar tools produced by other manufacturers. However, if the primary content management system you must utilize happens to be provided by Metabo – and you are comfortable using it – there’s no reason you should not go with this platform.

3. Ryobi

ryobi best power tool brands in in Japan

Finally, we are going to talk about Ryobi, which is another Japanese brand. Like Techtronic Industries, the outdoor and power tool divisions of the Milwaukee brand are also owned by the company.

You could consider the two companies as a single unit, with Milwaukee serving contractors and professionals, while Ryobi focuses more on homeowners and semi-pros. Milwaukee is preferred by industrial users, but Ryobi is most popular with hobbyists and homeowners.

Despite not being as durable as Milwaukee tools, Ryobi tools are still ideal for those who are just beginning with DIY.

Having all the necessities around the house is always a plus, and they are built to last. Though they won’t hold up to heavy use, they’ll get the job done, even if used for five days a week and 52 weeks a year.

The Ryobi products are ideal for home renovations and quick fixes; they also come in corded and cordless options.

You will choose from a wide variety of tools, including impact drivers and circular saws, including corded and cordless tools.

4 Trusted Power Tool Brands in Europe

Furthermore, with some of the top-rated best power tool brands in the world all being located in Europe, specifically in Germany, it seems only fitting to include the latter. We can also consider tools made by the following companies: Bosch, Festool, Skil, and Hilti.

1. Festool

Festool professional tools brand

When we talk about the best power tool brands, we can not ignore the Festool. Many users highly regard a German brand known for its power tools. Festool is the best power tool brand out there. A partnership between Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer was founded in 1925 as Fezer & Stoll. Festool is the product of this company’s tool division, eventually spun off as an independent company over the years.

Festool manufactures a wide range of tools and accessories, from toolboxes to hand tools. However, the company was first successful in developing and producing the first portable chainsaw in the United States in 1927. Most of the company’s woodworking tools include track saws, though it’s also famous throughout the country for other woodworking tools.

This German manufacturer also operates two factories in Germany and a factory in the Czech Republic and produces some of its tools there. They make only tool equipment and guides, especially for power tools.

2. Bosch

bosch cheap power tool brands

Robert Bosch founded the German engineering and technology brand Bosch in 1886 in Stuttgart, and today the brand is recognized throughout the world as the leading name in engineering and technology. Before examining its power tool portfolio, note that Robert Bosch Stiftung owns Bosch, a charitable foundation, whereas most of the companies on this list are not.

In addition to its power tools, Bosch Home offers a wide range of tools for gardening and housewares, among others. It means that they target people doing their repairs and maintenance.

However, they are a little more expensive and an arguably better quality product. Furthermore, the company is working harder to make its tools more acceptable by the professional community.

From impact drivers to jigsaws, you can find everything you need in the company’s selection. Most of its tools are powered by its 18V platform, although it does have some 12V tools detachable.

3. Skil

skil tools

Skil began producing power tools in 1926 in New Orleans. It seems unlikely that Skil would be listed in the list above of the 20 best American power tool manufacturers.

Because Bosch acquired some of the brand’s assets and merged them into their own company after a series of acquisitions and partnerships, Chevron, a Chinese power tool manufacturer, is the brand’s current owner.

To the present day, it offers a wide selection of tools that are comparable to the offerings from the big brands, such as Milwaukee and Makita.

4. Hilti

hilti best brand of power tools

The Hilti is another best power tool brand that serves the community by providing reliable and lasting tools. One of the most reputable tool manufacturers globally, Hilti is located in Hilo, a tax haven among the financial community.

Innumerable Hilti tools make the company famous, including their electro-pneumatic rotary hammer drills. A TE 17 model was introduced by Hoover in 1967, making it the first company to manufacture the device.

In terms of the best-known product, Hilti offers its iconic red boxes containing their hammer drills. The company’s portfolio includes a great deal more than that. Despite that, it’s predominantly valuable heavy-duty brands’ current owner equipment to specialists in the construction industry.

Which Power Tool Brand Is the Best?

Answering this question in the affirmative requires specific qualifications based on your work level and what you are doing primarily.

If you use power tools regularly, you will desire to select more sturdy brands, such as DeWalt or Makita. It might even be worthwhile to consider Festool or Hilti if you are looking to splurge. Then again, if you are a homeowner that hangs pictures once in a while or occasionally performs lighter tasks, Black & Decker and Craftsman brand tools will improve your home improvement abilities.

A name brand like DeWalt, Makita, or Black & Decker, where the tools you need are widely available, is the best if you do a lot of “general handyman work,” such as carpentry projects. To make work more accessible and precise, you can choose a brand like Hilti that is more tailored to specialized uses.

Is It Better to Stick to One Power Tool Brand?

It would be best if you had a definite brand preference when it comes to cordless tools. As costly as the device is, the battery can cost you even more. The best way to save money on batteries is to buy the tools without batteries and follow one brand.

However, batteries are still consumable items, so you will have to buy more of them once in a while.

Furthermore, if you stick to one brand of cordless power tools, you can charge all your devices simultaneously. It may even be possible to charge batteries of different voltages with some chargers in this situation. Thus, a single charger may be capable of capturing both a 14.4V and an 18V battery. Moreover, it is also possible to charge both batteries at the exact times.

It is almost entirely irrelevant to go with a single brand of corded power tools when it comes to power tools. There are only two kinds of outlets, regular and ac. Although you should try to stay consistent in style, color, etc., if you prefer consistency, you should stick with one brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the best tool brands?

ANS: The most trusted power tool brands, in order, are Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Craftsman, Stanley, Milwaukee, Kobalt, Ridgid, Black+Decker, Ryobi, Husky, Hitachi, and Irwin. On the other hand, Dewalt also received the highest confidence ratings from consumers for its line of power tools.

Q2: Who makes the best cordless tools?

ANS: Some famous brands that make the best cordless tools are DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee.

Q3: Which power tool brand has the best batteries?

ANS: DeWalt, Kobalt, Makita, and Milwaukee are the brands that come with the best battery life to operate the power tools.

Q4: What power tools do professionals use?

ANS: As a result of the final numbers, Makita has the highest total number of votes (166), followed by Milwaukee (157) and DeWalt (156). It is easy to comprehend that even among Pro Tool Reviews office employees, there is a good deal of debate.

Q5: What power tools should I buy?

ANS: It is recommended to buy the Makita, Kobalt, Milwaukee, and DeWalt power tools as highly durable and last longer.

Final Summary

We have mentioned all the best power tool brands that provide premium tools to make the task easy. Consequently, you don’t have to concentrate too much on finding the best one; as long as you get what you need, then you’re fine.

Switching can be costly with cordless power tools, as new batteries, chargers, etc., must be purchased. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate your choice carefully and make sure the brand you choose has all the features you will possibly need in the near (and long) term.

DeWalt and Makita offer a comprehensive portfolio for professionals, while Black & Decker and Ryobi are excellent choices for homeowners or hobbyists.

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