Bosch vs DeWalt Table Saw & Impact Driver (Which Brand to Choose)


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Thousands of DIYers, woodworkers, home-builders and other professionals and professionals alike have relied on both products for years. If you can’t decide between them, it may be a great deal of trouble. Tools brands come in a whole range of styles, and most have some trademarks in common. You should read Bosch vs Dewalt comparison to get the exact idea of which brand is suitable for you.

In my years working in the industry, I have developed a much greater respect for some brands than others. In my list of the best tool brands, I include Bosch and DeWalt. These brands rank higher than Makita in my opinion. In simplifying the decision-making process, I have compared the tools that each brand offers and reviewed their respective histories.

Bosch vs DeWalt

Many tool buyers are familiar with Bosch and DeWalt. However, some don’t feel it’s worth paying more for a top-of-the-line brand. There are many times when I hear people ask: “What’s the difference?”. The products are all made in the same factory somewhere in China.” I am of the contrary opinion. I’ve owned countless tools from different brands over the years. I have used tools professionally as well as for DIY projects. There are some that are cheap, and others that are more expensive.

History of DeWalt

DeWalt Company Tool Delivery Pickup

In Bosch vs Dewalt comparison, 92 years have passed since DeWalt started the business. The radial arm saw was invented by Raymond E. DeWalt in Leola, Pennsylvania, back in 1924. From that point on, the company grew rapidly, going from being locally owned to a national company during the 1940s. The company was officially incorporated in 1947 as DeWalt Inc.

Construction professionals and other professionals like them are definitely becoming more and more familiar with DeWalt. 1992 marked the year they launched the company’s first power tool line designed for this audience. DeWalt was an important contributor to the development of the first “revolutionary” cordless tools in 1994. They began offering lithium-ion battery-powered cordless tools in 2010.

The company offers its consumers over 200 hand tools and 800 accessories. China, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, and Korea are among the countries where they manufacture their tools. Similarly, they’ve launched their “Made in the USA with Global Materials” program. They have seven manufacturing facilities in the United States, located in South Carolina, Connecticut, North Carolina, Indiana, Maryland, Kentucky, and  Tennessee.

History of Bosch

bosch tools headquarter

The history of Bosch is impressive when you consider it has been around for 130 years. It all began with Robert Bosch’s establishment of the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886. Spark plugs and better ignition systems mark their entry into the world of business.

Tools are Bosch’s primary offerings, and hammer drills were their first tool to enter this business. A first-ever electric drill with a rotating head that strikes and rotates simultaneously.

Since then, Bosch has held positions in many different industries, including the automotive and telecommunications sectors. We may not be able to list all the innovations they created. Still, a few examples include an electric fridge that could float, an electric lift that could move, 3-way catalytic converters, electronic antilock braking systems, hybrid vehicles, and e-bikes.

The Bosch group includes four business lines: mobility solutions, consumer goods,  industrial technology, and energy and building technologies. It was established in 2003 that Bosch would have a power tool division. They still manufacture some of their products in Europe even though most of their products are made in Asia. They are mainly produced in  Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, and China.

Bosch vs DeWalt Hammer Drill

BOSCH 0603130070 EasyImpact 550 Hammer Drill

Dewalt vs BOSCH 0603130070 EasyImpact 550 Hammer Drill

To drill smoothly and drive screws, Bosch electronic speed control lets you adjust the power electronically from 50 to maximum using a trigger switch. A quick and easy forward and reverse rotation function allows the tool to use a screwdriver. The twin-sleeve keyless chuck allows for quick and easy bit changes.

The 550 Watt motor can drill through concrete, metal, and many other materials effortlessly. Drilling into concrete is also 25% faster with the new impact mechanism. It prevents the auxiliary handle from slipping off the collar by providing a positive engagement fit. Utilize the function switch to switch between drilling, screwdriver, and impact drilling to meet your material-specific needs fast and efficiently.

Featuring a lightweight design and soft grip, this tool is easy to handle with the added advantage of its low weight. A drill with an ergonomic design that’s exceptionally easy to handle and lightweight means drilling has never been easier.

This Bosch powerhouse can drill any material, even concrete, no matter how dense it is, thanks to its powerful drill motor.

DEWALT 18V Combi Drill X2 Hammer Drill

DEWALT 18V Combi Drill X2 Hammer Drill

This 18-volt combo includes metal gearing and a metal chuck to provide long-lasting durability. Worklight with LED, carbon brushes that can replace, and thermal overload protection. The XR series of DeWalt batteries are intelligent. This kit contains two 1.5 XR Li-ion batteries, a charger, and a heavy-duty carry case.

The kit includes Two 1.5.AH, Lithium-Ion batteries, a 2-speed variable, reverse charger, one-hour charger, 15 torque settings, all-metal gearing, rubber-coated grip, and automatic spindle lock. It can use a drill with a maximum drilling capacity of 13mm on masonry, 25mm on hardwood, and 13mm on steel.

Moreover, it comes with 42Nm of hard torque and 24Nm of soft torque maximum. It has a beat rate of between 0 and 7650 beats per minute. It has an overall length of 240mm. The case weighs 1.34 kg and was recently upgraded to T Streak 2 case.

Bosch vs DeWalt Table Saw

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

Bosch vs DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw boasts an enhanced motor with a robust design for portability and power, as well as an improved design. In addition, a rip capacity of 32″ is perhaps the most noteworthy of all features. The DWE7491RS provides a potent motor as one of its features.

There will be an increase in motor speed from the previous 3,850RPM motor in the DWE7491RS to 4,800RPM on this model. With this method, you can easily cut through more significant, tougher cuts. Table saw blades on the market include a 10″ blade as standard. This tool, however, is different from other DeWalt models in that it can accommodate dado blades up to 8 inches in diameter.

In addition to its blades and power, one of the great things about this DeWalt table saw is its exceptional rip capacity. It is one of the largest displays on the market today, at 32 inches.

Together with its powerful motor, it also offers an impressive 32″ rip capacity that allows enough space and movement to move around the table, as well as the power to cut through most kinds of wood when placed beneath the blade.

It also features a 2″ dust collection port that can connect to a vacuum, you can clean up potential messes in your work area while keeping dust to a minimum. Moreover, You should take the portability of the device into account. The DWE7491RS table saw comes with a rolling stand and you can also remove it whenever you want.

DeWalt’s wide range of adapters works with different vehicles, confirming their business goal of appealing to professionals without affecting performance.

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

Bosch has upgraded several features on its 4100-10 compared with its predecessor, the 4100-09. The main difference between these models is that the 4100-09 has a 40-tooth blade, while the 4100-24 has a 24-tooth edge.

A rip-cutting lathe that lacks teeth emphasizes the 4100-10’s ability to be mobile and portable. It has been created so that woodworkers can comfortably cut through lumber with the 24 tooth blade, a common task for table saws with portability capabilities.

The 4100-10 from Bosch is distinguished from its competitors by several key features. This model is equipped with an industry-standard 10″ blade and a 3650RPM motor that is perfect for beginners and those with some woodworking experience.

The 4100-10’s soft-start circuitry allows it to operate with a maximum of four HP.

How exactly do you describe this? You can manage the motor at a lower intensity by allowing a fast ramp-up in the operating speed.

A circuit breaker is, therefore, less likely to trip, and Continuous Response is also included. With Constant Response, you can remain competitive under stressful situations while also keeping a handle on excessive loads.

The 4100-10 was designed to be lighter than its predecessor and is equipped with a Gravity-Rise Wheeled stand for easy mobility. A collapsible stand is included with this table saw so that you can set it to the right height for your needs.

Having the capability to adjust the stand can reduce the risk of strained muscles or lower back injuries caused by repetitive movements over a long period, resulting from repetitive activities.

In addition, the 4100-10 comes with the Smart Guard System. Incorporating safety features such as a riving knife and an anti-kickback mechanism, this feature puts a strong focus on safety. Also, the translucent blade guard lets you see the blade clearly without obstructing your view.

Bosch vs Dewalt Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF888B 20V

DEWALT DCF888B Impact Driver

For a couple of years now, DeWalt has been offering the DCF888B model. Multiple positive reviews have been written about it over the years showing its benefits. This model has a fantastic reputation, even though it is relatively new. A few of the unit’s most notable features are listed below.

A brushless motor is likely to be part of any new impact driver. Because brushless motors have so many advantages, it is easy to see why they are so popular. As compared with other models using NiCd brush motors, its brushless motor offers 75% more runtime.

You can monitor the model using the DeWalt Tool Connect application. The app allows you to view information such as the speed, torque, LED brightness, delay, and features such as precision drive control. The app will enable you to adjust different parts directly.

Performance always involves considering speed and torque. At no-load speed, the model travels at 887 RPM, while at full speed, it travels at 3250 RPM. This rig generates a respectable 1825 lbs-ft of torque. It’s easy to choose the right speed for your application since we offer three different speeds.

The manufacturer has done a great job of making the product light and compact because of its excellent performance. Moreover, there are 2.1 lbs of weight in the impact driver. It does not have a battery. This tool is easy to transport since it does not occupy much space in your toolbox.

Bosch 06019A6979 12v Impact Driver

Dewalt vs Bosch 06019A6979 Hammer Drill Impact Driver

A high-powered twin pack for everyday drilling and driving, the GSB 12V-15 + GDR 12V-105 combines the best of both worlds. With ‘Electronic Cell Protection (ECP),’ your electric tools will run longer and last longer because they will protect the batteries from overloading, overheating, and deep discharge. They are both extremely compact, allowing you to handle those awkward jobs in tight spots with optimum control while still providing you with convenience.

A small, compact design with a 189 mm length, it is suitable for drilling overhead and tight spaces, especially when performing screwdriver applications. The 2-speed planetary gearbox ensures powerful drilling applications in wood or metal and impact drilling in masonry. An auto-lock drill chuck with a 10 mm diameter provides professional quality at the lowest price. An indicator shows the battery charge levels anytime. A 400% longer battery life and unbeatable battery runtime are the features of Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology.

A Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) safeguards the battery against overload and overheating, as well as deep discharge. This practical battery charge level indicator illuminates your work area even in the dark with three LED display functions. The Bosch Hyper Charge battery is charging process results in a 75% charge after just half the charge time after driving rows of screws due to the motor brake. At 137 mm, the Makita 10 8 Volt Pocket Screwdriver is the shortest in its class for greater precision when driving screws overhead or in tight spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bosch better than DeWalt?

Bosch seems to hold the upper hand when it comes to both reciprocating and circular saws. The two saws are both slightly more innovative and designed. Bosch’s reciprocating saw has two-speed ranges and the Variable Speed Trigger found on both DeWalt and Bosch saws.

Does Bosch own DeWalt?

There is an unending list of top power tool brands owned by the same parent company – Stanley Black & Decker – including DeWalt, Craftsman, Porter-Cable, etc.

Is Bosch Power Tools a good brand?

Bosch makes some fantastic tools. Taking a broader perspective, their 12V and 18V platforms do not offer as much as their competitors. While I had been impressed by some of Bosch’s earlier cordless power tool offerings, there are fewer reasons to buy either system today.

Is DeWalt really the best?

Power tool brands that consumers most trusts include Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Craftsman, Stanley, Black+Decker, KOBALT, Bosch, RÜDIG, HITACHI, RIDGID, HUSKY, and IWISS. When consumers were interviewed, Dewalt scored the highest on consumer reviews and trust rankings.

Final Thoughts

Even with all that, it can be challenging to choose between DeWalt and Bosch tools. I probably would choose the DeWalt impact drill kit alone when it comes to these two specific tool kits, based on my personal preferences. It is worth upgrading to the extra tool, as it is beneficial and the other tools are of slightly inferior quality.

If you want to upgrade your knowledge, you must read Bosch vs Dewalt comparisons guide. Some users may struggle with making this choice due to what tools they already possess. With the batteries and charger that come with this kit, you can use your already existing collection of Bosch 18-volt tools. Additionally, DeWalt’s 20-volt, the two-speed collection currently consists of only a limited selection of tools.


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