DeWalt DWS779 Vs DWS780 Miter Saw (2021) Which is Better in Performance?

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As we compare DWS780 vs DWS779, we will consider their similarities and differences so you clearly understand them. To end up with the right design for the project, miter saws are very helpful when dealing with complex structures. However, the miter saw is the same for everyone.

DeWalt DWS780 vs DWS779

DeWalt DWS780 vs DWS779
DeWalt DWS780 vs DWS779

In this article, we’ll look at two miters saw models similar to others on the market. There can be confusion between these two models when you’ve narrowed it down to them. So we have put together this comprehensive comparison and review to help you choose. We have given a vast difference between DWS779 and DWS780.

DeWalt DWS780 Sliding Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS780 Compound Miter Saw

With its 12-inch sliding compound miter saw design, the DEWALT DWS780 comes more precise and accurate, with the durability to handle house framing and deck fabrication. As a result, many end-users benefit from this saw, such as cabinet makers, trim carpenters, framers, installers, and many other professionals who need a product with accuracy, capacity, durability, portability, and ease of use.

With the XPS LED light system and cut alignment system for visual alignment and visibility, users can see the blade when it contacts the material, giving them an idea of where the blade will strike the material. In addition, this alignment system is more accurate and durable than traditional laser guides since it does not require calibration over time or when changing blades.

Miter saws can perform better when both of these components work together. Moreover, it’s going to last for a more extended period without requiring significant repairs. These are two features most contractors look for when selecting a miter saw. Because they can better manage their projects, it will be beneficial to them. In addition, it boasts a belt drive and an innovative gearbox.

Besides its durable construction, it can keep working on many projects without having to undergo major maintenance. You can see the cut line easily using this system without adjusting anything. A design like this also offers better cutting capabilities. By seeing the cut line more clearly, it would be easier for you to make accurate cuts.

Moreover, it also comes with a super-effective dust collection system. To reduce the environmental impact, you can capture 75% of the dust produced. Additionally, the motor has quite a bit of power. It is a 15-amp motor, but it will handle various cutting applications thanks to its speed of 3,800 RPM. The XPS system for crosscut positioning is integrated into this device, so it is easy to use.

To compare DeWalt miter saws, it comes with the best price. Like any other type of saw, you can get the most performance from your miter saw based on its cutting capacity. An exclusive fence design is also featured on the back of the house. This machine can cut two by sixteen at 90 degrees and two by twelve at 45 degrees. As a result, the workpiece can be guided more effectively. As a result, the work will be cleaner and will perform as well as it should.

The fence and casts are made of precision-machined steel for maximum strength. This tool could serve the requirements of many woodworkers on the market, thanks to its bevel capacity. It is possible to bevel the model as well. All of this model is equipped with rugged guards, all aimed at enhancing its durability.


Dimensions: 9.45 x 3.54 x 18.9 inches

Weight: 32 pounds

Speed: 3800 RPM


  • Long-lasting
  • Portable handle
  • The dust collector is effective
  • A greater ability to cut vertically
  • Miter-detent plate in stainless steel


  • Expensive

DeWalt DWS779 Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This sliding compound miter saw from DEWALT delivers accuracy and capacity for use on the job site, delivering tough performance under challenging conditions. A powerful 15 Amp motor is equipped with this miter saw for its powerful performance and durable design. In addition, they can support two 2×14 dimensional lumber at 45 degrees and 7-1/2-inch crown nested fences at 90 degrees.

This program also has the best qualities for a wide range of projects. An excellent alternative to the DeWalt DWS789 model can be the DeWalt DWS779 if you are looking to save a bit of money. An important consideration when buying a miter saw is its general power output.

You won’t need to worry about the miter saw becoming hot even when you use it for extended periods. This feature ensures that the unit runs more efficiently. One of the features of this model is its 15 amp motor, which can reach 3,800RPM. It should help to improve the cutting ability of the miter saw in general.

While comparison DeWalt DWS779 vs DWS780, If you are cutting at 45 degrees, you can cut up to 2*12. Moreover, 6.75 inches is the maximum thickness you can cut. As a DeWalt product, we can expect a good power output and longevity from the motor. You can use the device for many woodworking projects at a site, so it will be no problem for you to use it.

It can be quite a menace to cut through wood with sawdust. There is an effective dust collection system on this vacuum cleaner. Using the DWS779, you can cut materials at approximately the same speed as with the DWS780. For example, if you are cutting at 90 degrees, you can cut up to 2*16 lumber. In addition to removing 75% of the generated dust, it is also able to reduce moisture.

Your cuts will remain under constant supervision when you use this method. As a consequence, you always get a straight line for precise cutting. In addition to reducing dust spread, this will also save space in the workshop.

Moreover, keeping your workspace clean will always come naturally to you. Miter saws will also prove to be appealing due to their safety. As a way to improve productivity, some might remove the blade guard. But the risk isn’t worth it.


Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 17 inches

Weight: 67 pounds

Blade length: 12 inch


  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Stylish and well-built
  • The warranty is three years
  • The cutting capacity is 16 inches 


  • Heavy weight 

Important Factors:

When both miter saws are similar in design, how can they differ so much? Even though they look identical, these two saws are entirely different from one another in terms of features and design. It succeeded the DWS779 is essentially offering an upgrade.

In addition to price, weight, and light, there are several factors separating these two saws.  Moreover, both model offers more advanced features than model 779. However, several factors differentiate these two saw miters, including price, weight, and light.


There is a cheaper alternative to DWS779. The cost of the DWS779 is around $599.00, whereas the DS780 is about $469.00.  Aside from its advanced technology, the DWS780 also has a unique feature, explaining the price difference. The DWS779, however, is a better buy given its affordability and superior performance.


DWS780 differs significantly from 779 in that it is equipped with a light to cut with, either alongside the blade or on top of it. In addition, an XPS light was installed in the DWS779, while there was no light on the DWS783. The  DWS779 also features an easy-to-use cutting line positioner, enabling you to see those free-cut lines as you proceed.

Most of the users prefer LED light over laser beam technology. In contrast, the DWS779, whose laser system always becomes dislodged when cutting, the LED light of the DWS780 is always perfectly positioned. Additionally, it can create a shadow of the teeth of the blade alongside the cutting material by casting light over it. You will notice a significant improvement in cutting accuracy.


There are also some differences in weight, as the DWS779 weighs approximately 67 pounds, whereas the DWS780 weighs about 32 pounds. Comparatively, it is easier to handle and move than the DWS779 miter saw, weighing 56 pounds.


One of the main differences between the two is the detent plate on the saw miter. Also, there are 10 positive stops on the stainless steel lever cam of the DWS780 saw miter. Although, it comes with a stainless steel lever cam that is a lockable saw miter.

A double horizontal rail is also incorporated in the DWS779’s clamping mechanism. Because the linear ball bearing is more accurate, you will get a more precise cutting result. A cam lock miter button can be used to lock the angle adjustment of the DWS780. Likewise, it has a rail lock that improves vertical cutting.

There is no better miter saw for dual bevel sawing than this one. By using this feature, cutting on the other side does not require flipping the workpiece. Depending on how you cut, you can tilt left or right. You need to make a decision based on your current situation. Furthermore, you can customize the program to meet your individual requirements.

The DWS779 saw miter allows you to adjust the attachments for holding specific workpieces finely as a final feature. Thus, it will facilitate the easy cutting of complex wood and enhance the workability of the miter saw. This miter saw is also rust-resistant, which is another reason why I consider it the best.

You don’t need to lubricate over and over again to prevent the miter saw from rust. A miter saw with this feature will last longer than a model without it. In general, I would recommend the Dewalt DWS780 over the Dewalt best dual bevel 12″ sliding compound miter saw.

Which is the Better Choice?

We also have to take into account the similarities as part of the comparison. It offers a few advantages over the DEWALT DWS780 in comparison with the other. One of the miter saws on this list has fifteen amplification motors that can deliver 3,800RPM.

It improves the precision of the tool to have an XPS cutline light. Fast cuts are possible all the time at such a speed. In addition, both machines can cut 6.75 inches vertically. It is always essential to ensure that any power tool has the best precision to ensure maximum productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XPS technology on Dewalt’s miter saw?

The XPS technology creates a shadow of the blade by casting a beam of light on each side of the blade in the working area. Whenever the blade lowers, the shadow increases in sharpness and quality, indicating the width of the cut after it has been made.

Is the DEWALT DWS779 discontinued?

A newly reduced price is being offered on the DeWALT DWS779, which has been discontinued. In addition, the DWS780 is a new version that arrived with super exciting features.

Are Dewalt miter saws good?

There are some brands of miter saws that are better than others, just as with most products. There are many miter saw manufacturers today, and one of Dewalt’s most popular products is its compound miter saw.

Wrapping it Up

The DeWalt DWS780 is the clear winner from a feature perspective. Among both DWS780 vs DWS779, the DeWalt DWS779 may be a better choice when you consider price and value. Portable and equipped with an innovative cutting system, it is portable and easy to use. This machine provides homeowners with the best choice for basic cuts because it is accurate and capable.

Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and whether you are willing to pay extra for the extra features you desire. As an alternative to the DeWalt DWS780, DeWalt offers the DWS779 budget option.

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