The Ultimate Guide to Grease Gun Uses

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A grease gun is a type of tool that is typically used to lubricate moving parts in machinery.

This tool pumps grease out through the tip, which can be adjusted depending on the size and shape of the part being lubricated.

They are often used for car engines because they even coat everything without making a mess.

Some people also call them “grease guns,” while others may refer to them as “lubrication guns.”  Grease guns should never be confused with air compressors, which use high-pressure air instead of grease.

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Grease Gun Uses

The following are some of the uses of grease guns;

1. Used As Water Pumps And Vacuum Cleaner

The thing about grease guns is you can not just use them for one weird, specific purpose. They’re too versatile.

You might start out using a grease gun as your vacuum cleaner and then turn it into the water pump to fill up that hole in your pool.

All without ever switching tools or moving from where you are standing at work.

Grease guns are like Swiss army knives: they have many different functions built-in, so there is no need to carry around extra equipment with you when doing something else entirely.

2. Lawn Mowers

A grease gun is a valuable tool when it comes to maintaining your lawnmower.

Mowing the grass can be dirty work, and that dirt will get into all of those hard-to-reach places, making you spend time scrubbing away at them for hours on end with no success.

But now, there is an easy way to keep these areas clean simply by using some lubricant from the trusty old greaser.

On lawnmowers, they use grease guns to maintain their spindles so that they do not seize up under pressure or heat while cutting through thick turf over long periods of time without stopping. Greasing should occur periodically and after any repairs are made because worn-out parts make poor contact points.

3. Lubricate The Moving Parts Of Machinery

Using a grease gun, you can lubricate the moving parts of machinery to keep them running smoothly.

For this machine or any other equipment in your garage to work properly and effectively over time, these parts mustn’t be allowed to build up with dirt and dust.

Which can cause corrosion and sticking issues; making sure they stay clean is one way of guaranteeing their longevity and effectiveness.

Grease guns provide an easy solution if you want everything from lawnmowers all the way down to skid loaders working at peak performance.

Since they have been specifically designed by engineers who know what long-term wear will do on each part, that means greasing those gears every couple of months, so things run nice and smooth.

4. Using On Chainsaw’s

You may not know it, but chainsaws are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Many people have probably had the misfortune of attempting to cut through wood with an old saw that has seen better days without realizing what they were doing wrong and why their cuts kept getting less accurate over time.

This is because there was no grease in the bearings around which your chain rotates as you slice through lumber or logs.

To avoid this problem, make sure you use a grease gun on your bar nose bearing every few hours of cutting.

A quick squirt where the metal meets will go far when it comes to smooth operation and long life expectancy for your machine.

There’s nothing worse than working hard at chopping down trees only to find out.

5. Injecting A Liquid Into An Object

Grease Guns are a must-have if you work in the automotive industry. However, they can also be used for other purposes, such as injecting a liquid into an object or otherwise filling it with fluid.

Grease guns have many uses, and one of them is to inject grease into various objects that require lubrication firsthand.

6. Lubricate Factory Machine Components And Equipment

If a factory requires lubricating equipment for its machine components or other machines, grease guns are an effective option.

Grease guns can be installed with standard 1/4″ fittings and come equipped with different nozzles that provide the necessary pressure to lube parts without overworking them effectively.

Grease gun installation should not take more than 20 minutes per component.

However, it is important to inspect each connection before installing a new one so as not to affect any future operation time frames if there was previously some damage done by another person performing this action incorrectly on their own accord.

7. On Animals As Well

Grease guns are a common tool for mechanics, but they can also be used on animals. Grease is great at moisturizing joints and keeping them flexible.

Horses often have grease injected into their knees, and it is like a regular exercise in pill form (minus the horse having to work out).

8. Automobiles

Grease guns are a must-have for any truck driver with grease fittings.

This is because they can be used to lubricate these fittings without the use of messy, inconvenient hand greasing or having to get under the hoods and access hard-to-reach areas like gearboxes and oil pans.

When you are done using it, just attach an air hose from your compressor’s blowgun if available or reattach its original nozzle, then place it on top of a container full of clean water.

So that when you push down on this plunger handle, all excess liquid will flow out automatically.

Grease guns provide heavy-duty trucks, sports utility vehicles, and other industrial equipment with easy maintenance by making sure their grease.

9. Old Bicycle

If you have an old bicycle that needs some TLC, consider using a grease gun to oil the chain and gears of your bike. With just one push on the nozzle, lubrication is sent right where it is needed!

A greasy ride never felt so good with this easy-to-use tool for maintaining my bikes.

Types of Grease Guns

The following are some of the types of grease guns.

  1. Battery

With the invention of a battery-powered grease gun, all that pressure is gone. Gone are those carnival rides feeling when you use your pneumatic wrench and feel like a rockstar on stage with some heavy artillery in your hands.

Not any more thanks to this low voltage power tool which takes up less space because it’s cordless.

You can do more work faster now without having to worry about blowing through an electrical outlet or running out of air so fast from overuse.

Yeah, we have been there too before!

  1. Manual

A Manual grease gun is an innovative tool that can be used to release a precise amount of lubricant.

The most common type, the manual (lever) variant, has been in production since 1872 and offers 1.28 grams per pump with each stroke.

The lever-style invention makes up the most common type of needleless injection gun called “grease guns.” Lever greasing can furnish about one liter per minute when it’s in use.

  1. Pneumatic (Pistol Grip)

A pneumatic grease gun is a common tool in automotive garages because it enables the user to apply lubricant into hard-to-reach areas.

This saves time and effort by avoiding laborious tasks like greasing screws with your hand and eliminating messes from spilled oil on rags or paper towels that are often used for this purpose before entering the engine compartment.

So when you have an old car that needs some TLC, make sure you give its chassis lots of love with air.

With all those creaky hinges and rusty bolts loosened up thanks to compressed air pressure shooting through tubes right onto them, you will be surprised at how quickly your ride feels new again.

  1. Manual (Pistol Grip)

The Piston-style grease gun is the perfect tool for those who want to work on their projects one-handed.

You can operate it with your left or right hand and fire a constant stream of lubricant from 12 inches away, making this an ideal option for sticking bearings on axles that are hard to reach in tight spaces.

The piston-style grease guns allow you one-handed operation not to have to worry about using two hands.

While greasing up parts like axle shafts within cramped quarters, all without having any contact at all with icky ole’ dirty, grimy grime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a grease gun to apply grease?

A grease gun is not necessary to apply greasing, but a handy tool for ensuring that you have the right amount of lubricant.

Grease guns come in many different capacities and are usually sold as empty cartridges with replaceable nozzles. The nozzle can be screwed into any standard-sized threaded hole and used as an extension tube, so it’s easier to reach tight spaces deep inside machinery parts.

Just fill up your cartridge before getting down there!

Why is it important to operate a grease gun?

A grease gun is a tool that allows for the lubrication of mechanical parts without stopping and applying by hand. Using this device can allow you to keep up with your work while saving time, saving money.

Are grease guns still used?

Grease guns are still used for greasing the grooves of a vehicle’s wheel to prevent corrosion and make it easier to change tires.

The grease is injected through an opening in one end, while compressed air is applied on the other end with its nozzle aimed at the grease gun’s piston head so that pressure forces lubricant out into all parts of each groove.

Wrapping Up!

Grease guns are an essential tool for any mechanic to have on hand. You can efficiently and quickly lubricate your axles or other moving parts in a pinch with the right grease gun.

Here is our guide to buying the best grease gun for your needs.

Let us know if we can help you find what works best for you.

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