How Does An Orbital Sander Work | An Ultimate Guide

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Everyone wants to decorate their houses and living places. These frames are made from wood and designed with an orbital sander. Some people know about orbital sander, but some don’t understand How Does An Orbital Sander Work.

This article will explain how to make wood-designed furniture and scratches by yourself without facing any difficulty. Then just read the instructions thoroughly and apply them to the wood.

How Does An Orbital Sander Work

How Does An Orbital Sander Work

There are many easy ways to sand the wood, but using an orbital sander is relatively easy and time and effort-saving. The orbital sander is very easy to use; however, you should know how it works to maximize its capabilities. For that purpose, you should also know how to use an orbital sander to remove paint.

A sanding disk is rotating at every part and every corner of the wood. It does not stick to one place; otherwise, it will not give a smooth finish. The best part about sanding is that it is possible to sand two sides of the wood simultaneously. Benefits include saving a significant amount of time and effort.

You should know when it is better to use the orbital sander to take extra benefits. First of all, you have to remove all paint from the wood’s surface, then apply an orbital sander to get a smooth finish and plain surface. It is useless and time-wasting to use orbital sanding where there are multiple layers of paints existing on the wood surface.

Let’s come to you from the most confusing question about how does an orbital sander works. We have presented the whole way in steps. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

Preparation For Sanding:

It would be best if equipped you with all the necessary tools before starting sanding. It would help if you had eye protection, a dust mask, a sanding disk, gloves, and cover a delicate area.

Several orbital sanders are introduced into the market that uses hook and loop systems for wood sanding. Whenever you start the sanding process, your focus must be on the sanding disk and the working area.

Moreover, you must be careful while moving the sanding disk and not imposing too much pressure that creates scratches on the wood’s surface. Additionally, when the disk is dirt with dust, you need to wipe it first before working on another task.

Use Extraction and Ventilation To Remove Dust:

During sanding, we do not ignore the importance of Extraction and Ventilation. It helps to clean the environment and working space. It’s just not beneficial for the environment but also for the wood.

In the present day, modern orbital sanders have integrated dust collection fittings and bags that collect all the dust and debris automatically and keep the environment clean. With a clean environment, you can easily track your working progress.

Move The Sander Smoothly:

The main mistake that users make with their sander is not moving it smoothly, and they apply too much pressure on different areas that make a hurdle for the smoothness. But it would be best if you did not make such mistakes.

Always hold the sander tightly within your hand and move the sander’s disk smoothly on all parts of the wood and from one corner to the other corner. The more you run the disk smoothly, the better the results will be.

Constant Pressure:

The pressure is the main thing you must follow during sanding. When you run the disk over the wood, you must keep the pressure constant. Otherwise, the disk will slow down and reduce its effectiveness.
If you apply too much pressure, you do not maintain the same pressure on all parts. For this reason, you may damage the wood and make so many scratches on the wood.

The speed of the sander is another thing. Before using, you should determine the moving disk’s speed and keep it constant until the work is completed.

Keep Sander On Level:

Make sure that the sanding disk is in a balanced position when using the orbital sander. The advantage of balancing orbital sander while sanding is that it gives you support to provide a fine finish. By balancing the sander, the power is equally distributed from all areas of the wood.


Q1: How do you use an orbital sander?

ANS: First, remove all thick layers of the paints and then use an orbital sander to remove the remaining paint spots and give it a fine finish.

Q2: How does a random orbital sander work?

ANS: A random orbital sander is working with the moving of the sander disk in the elliptical direction. It has its vacuum system to catch all the dust and grains.

Q3: Why do orbital sanders have holes?

ANS: The orbital sanders’ holes help collect the dust and grains and save them into the dust collection bag. If the holes are not inside the orbital sanders disk, the dust remains between the sander disk and wood that disturb the fine finish.

Q4: What is the difference between an orbital sander and a random orbital sander?

ANS: The main difference between an orbital sander and a random orbital sander is the motion of both. The orbital sander moves into a circular motion, whereas the random orbital sander moves in an elliptical motion.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have solved your confusion about How Does An Orbital Sander Work. Read the complete guidelines and apply all steps while sanding. After using all steps accurately, you will get your desired results.

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