How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting In Simple & Proper Way 2021


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A Zerk fitting can suffer from a bit of grease when attached to a Grease gun. Where does it come from? Performing the fitting requires a few tricks and pre-knowledge of how to do it. Someone may end up with greasy fingers if that is not the case. Zerk fittings operate in a certain way, so understanding how they work is essential. In this article, we briefly discuss How to attach a grease gun to zerk fitting.

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How to Attach Grease Gun to Zerk Fitting

To push clean grease into the fitting requires a grease gun.  It consists of a nipple that contains a ball bearing threaded into a hole.  It allows the grease to stay inside and the dirt to remain outside. These grease fittings have dirt excluding ball check and are also known as taper thread Zerk fittings.

Grease Gun

To understand the workings of grease guns, you must first understand their purpose. You can use it to lubricate the joints of your machines or equipment. If you want to do an excellent job, you should know how to use a grease gun zerk. It has a storage system for storing grease, allowing users to apply it to joints using a grease gun.

Zerk Fitting

In addition to grease fittings, it also comes with zerk fittings. Maintenance of mechanical systems and bearings requires the use of lubricants. You can learn a lot about them just by watching them.

Now that you know what is essential to know let’s move on. Now, I will explain how a zerk fitting will be used to attach your grease gun. Through the ball inside, such lubricants can pass while the ball keeps out harmful materials. Their shape is similar to that of a nipple, for which they are also named grease nipples.

Why Does My Grease Gun Get Stuck on Fitting?

The problem is one that everyone faces regularly.  It typically occurs when the jaws or joints become clogged.  It is best to keep rotating the pin back and forth to remove the gunk.  Regular maintenance is the most reliable method of preventing future issues. It is essential to clean machines regularly. , An injection of a high-pressure solvent is recommended to break down and remove clogs. As well, unplug the hose’s fitting and replug it.

How Much Grease Do You Put in a Zerk Fitting?

In the right situation, experts say it’s best to fill the joint until it swells.  There are around two pumps on a grease gun of this size. You can just wipe off the excess grease. It is not a hard and fast rule.

If you hear a crackling sound, immediately stop the work to prevent a grease explosion.  It can typically be determined with a mechanic’s stethoscope.  You can also use a thumb rule to guide you. 

In most cases, a crackling sound comes from a Zerk fitting when too much grease is released.   Each shaft inch corresponds to one stroke. A shaft of this diameter weighs approximately 2-3 grams per inch.  If you read the complete information, you will come to know that attaching a grease gun to zerk fittings.

How Do You Change the Grease on a Zerk Fitting?

Several simple steps can help you achieve your goal.  To start, you need to release all the air from the plunger and lock it back in place.  To uninstall the grease gun top, you need to unscrew the canister from the top. 

Take out the grease tube by using two fingers. To change the tube, twist and pull the sealed cap off.  In this part, the open end is first inserted. Then place it inside the canister. You can then expose the opening of the lid, which looks like that of a soda can. 

The canister needs to be threaded back onto the part.  Ensure there is no cross-threading on the part.  Push the handle down now and release the pressure. You’ll begin to see the grease coming out after a few pops.  When a new layer of grease appears, you need to press harder.

How Do You Use a Grease Gun Fitting?

The first thing to do is remove the Nipple that comes with the device.  Instead of the manual locking couplers, make use of the auto-locking couplers. For threaded areas, it is advisable to cover them with Teflon tape.  To insert the grease canister, the barrel must be loosened.

In addition to that, you can see a groove cut into the T-handle if you pull it back far enough. Fixing the handle this way will result in a perfect grip. In the barrel, the rod is inserted after the cap is removed.  Flip the cap back onto the other side to open it.  Reattach the head to the apparatus. 

If the air inside is stuck, try turning the thread backward, then forward again. Air can escape that way. You can find a small bleeder valve on top, which assists in removing excess air from the vehicle. It’s okay to take the canister of grease.  Release the T-handle from the groove and allow it to settle slightly into the groove. 

Afterward, you can see the grease dripping from the pumps. The one-handed types usually require about one or two pumps of grease.  You should pump the piston repeatedly when using a new one.  There are only a few steps to follow, and then you’re all set. You can hear air running. 

How Do You Attach a Grease Gun to a Zerk Fitting?

The idea is pretty simple to grasp. The zerk fitting uses a ball bearing to allow lubricant to flow through while excluding any other hard or unnecessary elements.

Moreover, the first step is to remove the nipple that came with the device. Furthermore, you should instead opt for automatic locking couplers. To remove all the excess air inside, there is a small bleeder switch. It’s time to grab your grease canister.

Furthermore, to insert the grease canister, the barrel must be loosened. You can see a groove cut into the T-handle if you pull it back far enough. Fixing the handle in this way will make it work. After that, the opening is about the size of a soda can.  To use the other end, the cap must be removed.  Flip the cap back onto the other side to open it. 

You will need to perform two back-thread twists when releasing the trapped air. By doing this, the air can escape.  Besides this, attach the main unit to the head now. Let go of the T-handle and slightly press it into the groove.  You can hear air running.  Use a new piston and pump it a few times. 

Afterward, you can see the grease dripping from the pumps.  The one-handed types usually require about one or two pumps of grease. These are the tips of zerk fitting you should adopt for better performance.


What is a Zerk?

Zerkare fittings that allow grease lubricants to be injected into wear points of cars and trucks. As a result, you can move smoothly and control better.

Why does grease gun get stuck on  ZERK fitting?

Grease guns get caught on fittings due to clogged zerk fittings, causing pressure to build up and grease to build up, preventing them from being released. To remove it from the gun, simply unscrew the hose or hardline, which will let go of the pressure and allow it to come free.

How does a Zerk fitting work?

In grease zerk fittings, grease passes through one way but not the other and acts as a one-way check valve. You can push the grease through a fitting, creating pressure against a ball check that forces spring into compression, allowing the grease to pass directly through the fitting.

Wrapping It Up

The information here discusses the guideline on how to attach grease gun to zerk fitting and how to use a grease gun effectively. After a couple of tries, it is a simple process, and it will become second nature to you. However, follow our guidelines carefully if you still have a problem, and you will learn much easier.


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