How To Clean a Grease Gun (5 Proven Tactics for Cleaning a Grease Gun)


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Grease guns are an essential tool for any mechanic or technician, but they can be a pain to clean.

The problem is that grease and oil get all over the gun, making it nearly impossible to clean. If you are not careful, you risk damaging your gun permanently.

We have come up with a simple solution for cleaning your grease gun without getting your hands dirty or risking damage to the tool itself.

All it takes is some high-pressure air, and these three easy steps

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How To Clean Grease Guns?

Grease guns are essential tools. They are the perfect way of getting in all those hard-to-reach places and making sure that your pans stay squeaky clean from one use to another.

If you have not cleaned yours yet, here is how:

Wipe Down With Clean Clothes: Wiping the fittings and all other grease gun parts is crucial in getting started.

The wipes should be damp, so they do not leave any residue on your fingers, but not wet enough to drip off onto anything else.

You never want any moisture anywhere near compressed air lines or electrical wiring while you are working with them.

Do Not Keep It On Dirty Areas: A grease gun is a convenient tool for maintaining machinery and vehicles, but it can also be hard on your hands.

One of the best ways to keep your grease gun clean is by avoiding placing it in areas where food or liquid could contact the metal parts.

This will help prevent any corrosion and make sure that when you go back to use it again.

Water With Anti-Grease: When it comes to grease, do not take any risks. Grease is one of the worst substances for gun cleaning because if you use a product that has oil in its makeup, your weapon will end up being more greasy than ever before.

When cleaning out this stuff from inside your guns or pipes, the best solution would be an anti-grease formula.

Which sucks all the ickiness right off and leaves behind pristine metal surfaces, so no new buildup occurs again soon after cleanup.

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Step By Step Guide To Cleaning a Grease Gun

Step 1: An often overlooked step in maintaining a grease gun is removing the old cartridge.

Make sure to get your hands on both sides of it and pull with all of your might before twisting away from the pump.

With that done, you can do one last check-up for any leftover bits and pieces by using an air hose or compressed air source as needed.

Step 2: Cleaning grease from any surface is as simple as wiping away grime using a damp or dry rag.

You will want something that can absorb all of the dirt without leaving behind residue itself, grab an old washcloth you don’t mind getting dirty, or use one specifically made for kitchens.

Step 3: Wash the grease gun with soap and water to get all of that grime off. The one downside is that you may need a new nozzle for your next job because it can not be recycled.

Step 4: Rinse your grease gun thoroughly to ensure that you do not end up with a clogged barrel. Inspect the nozzle for debris, clean off any residue from previous use, and fill it with oil before putting it back in storage.

Step 5: Let’s take a moment to wipe down the grease gun after cleaning it.

After you have cleaned your trusty old grease gun, make sure that all of its parts are dry before storing it away for good.

How To Maintain An Old Grease Gun?

If you’re looking for a way to maintain your old grease gun, then look no further. All it takes is some simple care and maintenance from time to time to keep this tool as effective as when first purchased.

The following steps will help give any owner of an older style gun the confidence that their equipment operates like new:

1) Take all necessary precautions before beginning work by ensuring minimum risk exposure or injury while working with heavy machinery or tools

2) Gently remove dirt, dust, grime, etc., away using compressed air on a low setting if possible

3) Apply light lubing sparingly around moving parts only

4) Inspect regularly, do not let rust develop

5 ) Keep safe distances indoors

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get grease out of a grease gun?

No one likes to clean out a grease gun. The oil and the fat can really make for an unpleasant task, but do not worry, it is not too difficult!

First, you need to take off all of the parts from inside your machine so that they are easy to reach.

We recommend putting them on some paper towels or in a bowl with water just in case any pieces drop down into other areas while cleaning.

Then use your favorite kitchen dish soap by filling up about halfway through its hole where the plunger is located by using warm tap water.

Once you have filled both holes, give it 30 seconds before plunging back and forth as if trying to remove something stuck inside.

How long can grease stay in a grease gun?

The grease in the gun needs to be changed out after a certain amount of time.

It is usually recommended that you replace it every 6 months, but some people do not change their guns until overused for 10 years.

If your grease gets too warm and starts turning into liquid or solidifies, then it is time to get new grease before irreversible damage occurs.

Does grease in a grease gun go bad?

The answer to this question changes depending on who you ask. Some say that it can last as long as five years, while others claim that two months is more than enough for it to expire.

How do you store a grease gun, so it does not leak?

The best way to store a grease gun is in the toolbox. Grease can leak out of your equipment as it moves around, and if you keep your tools on top, they will fall over and get into everything else that may be stored there.

Wrapping Up!

In the article, we shared how to clean your grease gun properly and not damage it.

Having a well-maintained grease gun is important whether you are a professional mechanic or just like tinkering in the garage on weekends.

We hope that this guide was helpful for you. If there are any questions about anything else related to greasing guns or other automotive tools, please do not hesitate to comment.

Let us know if you found these tips useful by leaving a comment below!


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