Can You Drill Into Stucco With a Hammer Drill Without Cracking It

 Ensure not to overload the covering with fasteners or hang too much from it. Instead, get the job done as soon as possible and prepare appropriately before starting. We have discovered the solution about How To Drill Into Stucco. The main advantage of this layer is that you quickly repair it.

Can You Drill Into Stucco

It is still possible to drill holes for the nails, which is still a relatively simple procedure. Even so, you must learn how to drill into stucco walls to push the drill into it simply. This process produces a protective layer that is tough and thick. To shield exterior walls from the elements, stucco usually covers them. The plaster used to make stucco is a combination of portland cement and special plaster. You can say that stucco is the ultimate construction material. It is inexpensive, fire-resistant, and costs less.

What is Stucco?

What is Stucco

Sand, water, and a binder are the main components of stucco, a plaster wall covering. A sculptural material often used in architectural sculpture, it is a popular decoration for walls and ceilings. Concrete, metal or clay brick, cinder block, and adobe are among the less visually appealing materials that stucco covers.

A very dense solid material is hardened by applying it wet to ceilings or walls. Adding fibers to stucco increases its strength, flexibility, and durability. An attractive house or building will have stucco in front. You can encourage vines to grow accordingly in your backyard by attaching stucco to lattice panels.

It appears to be a straightforward task. It only takes drilling a hole, inserting the anchor, and hanging the wind chime. But drilling into stucco requires a significant amount of knowledge and practice. You need the right tools, the right procedure, and a few helpful suggestions to complete the job successfully.

Types of Stucco

Types of Stucco

1. The cement-based stucco

The cement-based stucco is more challenging than the traditional cement stucco. Among its components are lime, sand, cement, and water. The material covers the sheathing on the walls. It is impossible to detect any hollowness in this material if you tap on its wall cover.

2. The synthetic stucco

Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) is the most common modern stucco coating on buildings. The acrylic-based material provides a protective layer over foam. Moreover, several layers of composite hold everything together. Fiberglass, foam, synthetic Stucco, and resulting composite topcoat make up the structure. Tapping this material will leave you with a hollow feeling.

When You Should Avoid Drilling Stucco

You can drill through stucco without damaging it unless the material is damaged. You should make sure the stucco has been repaired adequately if it has started crumbling or if there is already a hole. Drilling is possible, but drilling will likely increase the size of holes and worsen the damaged areas if the stucco is already damaged.

How To Drill Into Stucco

Get Your Equipment

It is necessary to have a drill with a masonry bit, an anchor, and a screw, as well as a pencil and a tape measure.

Mark The Hole

Mark the various areas of your stucco where you’d like to drill before you get started. When drilling holes, you should keep in mind that they must be spaced equally apart. You can do this by measuring tape and marking with a pencil the spot where you want the hole to be drilled, starting from the ground upwards. Make another mark after you have moved up to your tape, following the same procedure as before but this time starting at the spot you marked.

Get The Bit

The masonry bit is necessary for this task. You must choose the correct bit size for your project.  If the screw is too small, you might need to force it into place, which might result in damage. You cannot use a screw that is too large if the bit is too large. If you intend to screw directly into the Stucco or if you intend to fasten the screw with an anchor, you need to choose a bit that fits either the screw or the anchor.

Drill Steadily

Place the drill tip against the mark you previously made on the wall before you begin drilling a hole in your stucco. Now, grasp the machine with your left hand while pressing on the rear end of the drill (that is, the end facing you). . Simply push the trigger to start the drill and watch the bit of the drill cutting into the stucco.

The machine will remain at the designated mark if you do this. The drill will soon begin cutting a hole into the stucco once you activate it. Continue drilling until you have reached a sufficiently deep depth, then turn the drill to reverse so you can begin drilling in the opposite direction and emerge from the stucco.

Apply Caulk

You should check the drilling machine carefully after it has been pulled from the hole to see if any parts are peeling apart. If your stucco is integrated with wire mesh inside, the only reason it cannot be cut cleanly is if it is backed up with adhesive. As an alternative, you can apply some stucco caulk to the affected area to solve this issue.

Moreover, It is highly affordable to keep a caulk container on hand, especially if you use stucco to plaster your walls. Applying adhesive to the stucco requires the use of a caulking gun. Load the caulk tube into that gun and then direct the caulk spout directly over the broken area. You should spray the caulk on the stucco when you press the trigger to turn the machine on.



They are pretty different from each other but appear the same when installed. Sometimes, they are hard to tell apart. However, there is a catch. Traditional stucco remains rigid when pressed. You will not hear a hollow sound when you tap it either. As opposed to synthetic stucco, it will sound hollow and feel softer.

Furthermore, the mesh may be visible if there is a hole in your stucco, such as one created for a light fixture.  However, the presence of foam indicates the presence of synthetic stucco.



It is necessary to replace loose or missing sections of stucco in unsightly places. According to The Balance, you would need to remove loose stucco pieces, install building paper and metal lath, then paint your selected stucco repair product three times.

Stucco can be made from scratch but if you’re not into DIY or don’t have the time, you’re better off choosing one that’s already mixed with good quality. As for making your traditional stucco, we’re going to provide a step-by-step guide in the next section.


Water Damaged Stucco

In the early stages of water damage, bumps will appear along the stucco surface. There are also water stains and cracks around windows due to water damage in the stucco.

You should always fix the water issue before repairing the stucco, otherwise, it will recur. Leaking air conditioners and pipes are examples of water damage causes. Having discovered the cause of your water problem, you can install your stucco in place of the traditional stuff.

What’s The Difference Between Stucco And Mortar?

Difference Between Stucco And Mortar

Construction uses both blocks of cement but in different ways. Concrete Construction explains that mortar serves as the bounding material for brick, stone, and block construction, while stucco covers walls.

When drilling through mortar, the process is a little different from what you’d do with stucco. You need to use a masonry bit that’s designed for drilling into concrete and brick.

You can spot it at the hardware store because it has a triangular head. The mortar is the joint between bricks – this is where you will drill, not directly into the brick as that will be challenging to do and can damage the brick by causing cracks, as Fox News reports.

Tools Needed to Drill Into Stucco

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It is necessary to know the tools that are needed for drilling into the Stucco. These tools and their detail are given below.


Drill for Stucco

Hammer drills will perform the best when drilling into the stucco. By hammering and hitting harder, you will be able to penetrate hard stucco. Although it may appear like an unnecessary expense, you will soon discover how useful they are for a wide variety of household chores. You can also drill a hole with a standard drill, but the process will be longer, and the hole edges are more likely to crack.

Drill Bit

Drill Bit for Stucco

When drilling through stucco, it is best to use a masonry bit or steel drill bit. Drill bits with diamond or carbide tips make it easy to drill into the stucco. They are often used on plaster, which is easily worked.

Safety equipment

Utilization of safety equipment is mandatory when working with power tools. Wear safety goggles when drilling with bits. These are the most important safety equipment you must use. Gloves will also be helpful in this case because of the hard material flung around to prevent cuts and scrapes.


It comes with responsibilities to understand how to drill through the stucco. Because of this, you should take some safety precautions before starting your work.

Wear Safety Equipment

Your safety is of the utmost importance since you will be handling the stucco firsthand. There will be a lot of stray bits of the plaster flying around through the drill hole, and some of these could even end up in your eyes if you are not careful. If you are going to drill, you should wear safety goggles and ear protection because the whole process can be pretty noisy.

Make Sure to Check the Building Plan

Check your building plans if you accidentally drill into water or electric lines. Ideally, you should get them first if you haven’t already. You can start working as soon as you receive your license.

Be Aware of What You Are Capable of

Because stucco is so durable and challenging, it can be difficult for beginning drillers to drill safely into it without having any previous experience. The best approach is to hire a professional if you are unsure about your drilling abilities when working with stucco.

Know What Base Your Stucco Uses

Although acrylic stuccos are relatively widely used and relatively common, their bases are weaker than cement-based stuccos. If you hang heavy items for an extended period of time on your acrylic stucco, you may cause the hole drilled into it to grow, so be sure to check the type of base it uses before you use it for anything at all. A hole in the ground will collect water, which will then allow mold to flourish.

Troubleshooting Stucco Drill Holes

Troubleshooting Stucco Drill Holes

Although drilling stucco is usually a simple task, some mistakes can happen due to wall material, tools, or the fact that the drill was not sharp.

  • With stucco caulk, you can even out flaws or cracks around the drilled hole.
  • Removing the loose parts, adding new paper, and repairing the stucco with multiple coats are steps to be taken if crumbling occurs.
  • When you examine your stucco, look for any water damage first and repair that first. Whenever you discover loose and damaged stucco, remove it and fix it just as you would when you see crumbing.

Can you drill screws into stucco?

Having the right screw, a screw gun, and a drilling bit will allow you to screw into the stucco. Using a screwdriver or a screwdriver/nut driver is more accessible than drilling into the stucco first.

How do you drill into stucco without cracking it?

The carbide tip drill bits are ideal for drilling stucco, bricks, and concrete. As soon as the bit is removed, you should blow away any dust left in the hole. The speed should be set to about 1000 rpm.

How do you drill through stucco?

To ensure the bit is tightly against the wall, push the drill firmly against the wall with a firm grip. Drill through the stucco while pulling the trigger. The drill must be switched to reverse to rotate the bit out of the hole after drilling the gap to the desired depth.

Can you drill into stucco without a hammer drill?

The next best option is to use a standard drill if you cannot use a hammer drill. Keep the pressure in check and use the right drill bit.

What is the best drill bit for stucco?

If you want to drill through the stucco on hard surfaces such as concrete floors then you should consider buying a masonry bit for good for you.


Well, get mastery in the most confusing question of how to drill into Stucco. Pieces of the stucco may flake off during the drill through. It may lead to ugly results as a result. You won’t have to worry about this happening while drilling into stucco if you know how to do it and have the right tools. Therefore, to make clean and accurate holes in the stucco, you must follow the above steps.

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