How to Load a Grease Gun With and Without A Cartridge [ Full Guide ]

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Do you have a machine or motor? Do you have the proper equipment for providing grease to them? Are you wonder about How to Load a Grease Gun in it? Good Grease Guns are the specially designed tool for delivering lubrication to the home, automotive, industrial machine components.

Do you know what type of magic in your machines by lubrication? Lubrication sustains the life of your vehicle’s machines, reduces friction, and makes them rust and corrosion-free.

How To Load a Grease Gun

How To Load a Grease Gun

If you don’t know how to load a grease gun properly, it might become tricky. But if you know how a grease gun works, it will become hassle-free. You have to follow the proper instructions to provide greasing to the automobile machines without wasting.

In short, If you have a proper path and know all aspects of how to load a grease gun properly, then you can easily do this messy job comfortably. There are two common methods to load a grease gun by using a cartridge or without a cartridge.

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How To Load a Grease Gun with a Cartridge?

It is not easy to pick the grease gun and remove the cartridge from the gun. So it is important to insert it with great care to save from wasting it. If you accidentally put the cartridge in the wrong direction. It will become complicated to remove it.

Another most important thing is the right amount of lubrication store in the grease gun. Similarly, if you follow the right guidance, then your machines work with efficiency. If you have a mini grease gun and want to learn how to fill it, you can read this guide about loading a mini grease gun.

Step 1: Unscrew the Cartridge Cap

Two main components for this purpose are cartridge loaders and nozzle. Cartridge loader is the space where the cartridge is to be stored, and it has a unique size and shape. The nozzle is a dispenser from where grease comes out from the grease gun and delivers to the machine’s narrow and sturdy areas.

Well, the first most prime thing you need to do while loading the grease gun with the cartridge is unscrewed the cartridge cap.

Pick the grease gun with both hands. Now, rotate the grease gun to the right-handed direction and rotate the cap nozzle to the left-handed direction. If you feel difficulty unscrewing it, use some elbow grease to support unscrewing the cartridge cap.

Step 2: Pull Back on The Metal Handle

Next, what step you take to load the grease gun with the cartridge is pulling back the plunger rod to create space for the cartridge. After removing the cap from the cap, pull the rod until you see the space inside the grease gun.

Step 3: Secure the Piston Rod and Remove the Cartridge

Now the most important part comes, and you will take great care while removing the piston rod. If you want to deliver smooth lubrication without leakage or uninterrupted, never mix the old grease with the new one. Otherwise, new grease will be lost its freshness and create trouble while delivering.

Before loading the new grease, remove the old grease and clean it completely. The old grease becomes a cause of damage to the gun and can also destroy your working machine.

Besides, lock the piston rod in the right position and pull the old cartridge safely. Now, change the rod position, and this way, you can easily remove the old grease cartridge.

Step 4: Insert the New Grease Cartridge

After removing the old grease cartridge, it’s time to guide you to insert the new grease cartridge efficiently. But before inserting the new cartridge in the grease gun, it is important to decide which size is compatible. There is 14 oz and 16 oz sized cartridge available on the market.

When you get a suitable cartridge compatible with your grease gun, clean the grease gun by removing the older grease with a fresh cloth and insert the new grease gun cartridge inside it.

After cleaning properly, remove one side of the new cartridge and insert it into the grease gun. Put the pressure from the bottom side so that grease can easily and smoothly come out from the gun. This is how to change grease gun cartridges comprehensively.

Step 5: Reattach the Grease Gun Cap

After placing the latest cartridge successfully, it’s time to reattached the grease gun cap. After placing the cap in the right position, screw it tightly by rotating it in opposite directions.

In the next step, push the rod to remove the trapped air inside the grease gun. To check either it is screw properly or not, check it on your machine by delivering the nozzle from the grease gun nozzle. If it provides enough lubrication, then you have loaded the grease gun with the cartridge successfully.

It is the complete process of refilling a grease gun with a cartridge and making your machine efficient and last longer.

How to Load a Grease Gun Without a Cartridge?

Loading the grease gun without a cartridge is more efficient than loading the grease gun with the cartridge. But a huge container fill with bulk grease is required for this purpose. The complete instructions on how to load a grease gun without a cartridge are given below.

Step 1: Separating the Gun Head from the Barrel

The first step is to remove the head from the grease machine’s barrel by unscrewing it and rotating it in¬†opposite directions. Next, clean the grease gun by removing the old grease from the gun.

Step 2: Put the Distal-end of the Barrel into a Holder of Grease

The barrel’s distal end must be clench down full of grease inside the holder of the grease gun. You also have to pull the plunger rod back to fill the grease inside the gun.

Large-sized grease containers are available on the market for better performance and quality for the big machines.

Step 3: Removing the Barrel

When the plunger rod is completely pulled, remove the barrel from the grease container in the next step. Rotate the barrel if there is little grease holding it. Also, dust-free fabrics can easily clean this grease from the barrel.

Step 4: Reattach the Barrel of the Grease Gun

There is a variety of grease guns available on the market. Some come with nozzle and some with end cap. After loading, reattach the barrel on the head of the grease gun until it gets sealed.

Step 5: Check It

After completing the entire process, it’s time to check whether it works properly or creates any hassle while lubricating. Next, press the piston rod to pressure the grease to come out of the gun. If it delivers smooth grease, congratulations; you learned how to operate a grease gun, and you have completed your job.

Important Tips for Grease Guns

You never felt how much farm equipment needs grease to run the machines if you do not grow up in the farm fields. However, there is a little space where grease will provide, spreading everywhere inside the machine.

The mini grease gun has a plunger rod at the bottom side that must be pressed to pressure the grease to come out of the grease gun. Most of the grease guns available on the market are operated with double hands.

When you pull the plunger rod to remove the trapped air from the grease gun, a small amount of grease is removed from the grease gun, which is not a big issue. It is normal, and you can clean it with fresh fabrics easily.

Whenever you put the cartridge to fill the grease gun with grease, you must screw it tightly, so there is zero chance of leakage while delivering the lubrication on the work field.

Final Words

Our team worked day and night to grab the information about how to load a grease gun. We damn assure after reading this complete article attentively, and you will become the grease gun master. If you have any queries in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. Our team will assist you and provide the best solution.

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