How To Load a Mini Grease Gun With Step-By-Step Guide

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The mini grease gun has a compact size and lots of advantages over a full-sized grease gun. It takes minimum space in the toolbox and efficiently delivers grease in hard-to-reach areas. However, you need to know How To Load a Mini Grease Gun for better and more efficient results.

Another exciting feature of a mini grease gun is that it can only be operated with a single hand. Loading the small grease gun is not much tricky than a big grease gun, but it is still frustrating for the entry-level user.

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How To Load a Mini Grease Gun

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The mini grease gun does not occupy too much space and can easily be adjusted even in the small toolbox. Moreover, it can be operated with a single hand the whole day and does not pressure your shoulders.

The enter-level user often remains confused about loading a mini grease gun, but this problem is solved now with the most experienced team’s research. Furthermore, this team is professional in loading the mini grease gun efficiently.

This guide is purely about refilling the mini grease gun, but if you have a grease gun and don’t know how to fill it, you can read our guide on how to load a grease gun with a cartridge.

How To Load a Mini Grease Gun with a Cartridge

Loading the mini grease gun with a cartridge is not much difficult. You have to follow the given steps, and this task will be complete easily.

Step 1: Separate The Head And The Barrel

First of all, Remove the head by unscrewing it from the barrel. Then, it is separated by only rotating in a counter-clockwise direction.

Step 2: Prepare To Load The Grease

Now, it’s time to load the grease inside the mini grease gun. Before loading, you have to pull the plunger rod and make sure it is locked properly or not. It must lock in the proper position before loading the cartridge.

Step 3: Inserting The Grease Cartridge

Well, it’s time to insert the cartridge inside the grease gun barrel. It is necessary to insert it in the right direction to prevent the complicated problems. After inserting correctly, remove the plastic cap at the end of the cartridge.

Push the cartridge inside the grease gun’s barrel and ensure the open end must be at the top. Next, push it until it adjusts appropriately. Finally, the cartridge is inserted perfectly inside the barrel of the mini grease gun.

Step 4: Return The Head

After inserting the cartridge inside the grease gun barrel successfully, reattach the head on the barrel. Next, unlock the rod handle.

Congratulation! It is how you load a mini grease gun. Now test either it is delivering smooth grease or not.

Step 5: Priming the Gun

Now, pull the barrel downward after pumping the lever handle and press the mini grease gun bleeder valve to remove trapped air from it and make it prime. Next, put the suitable pressure and rotate the rod handle to be removed from the rubber plunger. Finally, It’s time to pump the lever handle so that the grease gun releases smooth lubrication.

Step 6: Clear the bubbles.

The bubbles on the lever must keep pumping until all the bubbles disappear.

If you never use a mini grease gun before, you might face various problems, and you have any questions in your mind. Let’s answer these questions in the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to refill a mini grease gun?

ANS: You need to replace the old cartridge with the new one, pull the rod downward, and insert the cartridge inside the mini grease gun barrel. Now, screw again and pull the rod upward to remove trapped air inside it if it exists.

Q2: How do you change a small grease gun cartridge?

ANS: It is easy to change the small grease gun cartridge. You have to unscrew the barrel and remove the old cartridge. After that, insert the latest cartridge and again screw it.

Final Words

This article provides you information and complete guidelines about how to load a mini grease gun. Of course, you have to read this information attentively to get better benefits. If you feel any confusion in your mind, ask in the comment section.

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