How To Prime A Grease Gun in 6 Simple Steps

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If you are a mechanical worker, you never ignore the importance of grease guns, as you often use them to run your other machines smoothly. It helps to make your machine rust-free and make them smooth. Moreover, your working tasks become much easier. But the most confusing point is that do you know How To Prime A Grease Gun?

Prime the grease gun seems easy only if you follow the proper guidance. If you have no previous experience in priming the grease gun, then read this information. It will make you capable enough to complete this tricky task without any trouble.

How To Prime A Grease Gun

How To Prime A Grease Gun

Initially, there is no air in the grease gun. But somehow, air enters into it, and it becomes necessary to prime it to remove that air. We assist you in guiding you about prime a grease gun to prime your lubrication delivering gun efficiently.

Either it is a Cordless grease gun or a USA-made Grease gun. The most important in priming the grease gun is its exact method to follow. If you have the correct approach to proceed, congratulations, you can prime the air from a grease gun without any hurdle.

This guide is about priming the grease gun, but if you don’t know how to bleesd it, you can read our guide on how to bleed a grease gun.

Follow the given steps or watch the video below to learn how to prime the grease gun to get experience.


First, pull the T-handle back and press down to lock it at the proper position. Next, you will see the space where you have to put the grease.


Unscrew the metal cylinder to remove the empty cartridge from the grease gun barrel in the next step. Again, you have to keep the nozzle away from the grease gun while inserting the new cartridge.


Remove the rubber or plastic cap from one end of the grease gun tube and insert that tube into the grease gun’s space. You have to check the barrel before inserting the cartridge, whether it is clean or not.

If the cartridge is not clean from the inside, you have to clean it first with fresh fabrics and remove all damaged grease. After cleaning, put in the latest grease cartridge.

Before putting the cartridge, you must check it properly whether it is a leak or not. Never insert the leakage cartridge; otherwise, it will ruin your grease gun.

Now, pressure the cartridge toward the grease gun until it completely inserts into the grease gun and the bottom end attaches with it.


Well, it’s time to remove the trapped air from the bottom of the grease gun. Press the T-handle three to four times to remove all trapped air from the grease gun. This process helps to make the grease flow smooth and uninterrupted.


Now, your gun is ready to deliver grease. Press the handle until the grease does not come out from it. It would be best to place a dust cloth or wastebasket near your whale pumping to prevent dirt on your floor or workshops.


For the smooth flow, unscrew the upper cap slightly and then start pumping. Repeat this process multiple times until your gun delivers uninterrupted grease. If you are satisfied with its smooth delivery, tighten the cap, and your grease gun is ready to start work.

The delay of grease to come out from the grease gun also depends on the grease’s thickness. A thick gun takes more time to come out from the grease gun.

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Grease Gun Tips for Loading and Priming

The Writions always tried their best to deliver the most accurate information and reviews about every product. We have also mentioned some tips below to learn about how to load and prime a grease gun. So invest your time and read these tips attentively for better understanding.

  • Always choose the grease gun that suits your work, and you will not feel any difficulty while lubricating. In short, it will be your best companion in the workshop. If you don’t know which product is perfect, read the best grease gun guide to get knowledge.
  • Don’t be confused about using a different type of grease gun. Always pick one and stick to it. Over time, you will feel you can work with it better than others.
  • Before pumping the grease gun, make sure to clean it with some fresh cloth or any good lubricant so that your grease gun will not damage it.
  • After completing your job, always place it in the upright position and a dry and cool environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why can’t I get my grease gun to work?

ANS: The most common reason is the trapped air inside it. Press the handle again and again until all the air comes out from it. If your grease gun still did not work, unscrew the barrel slightly and then start pumping. Now screw it again after it works appropriately.

Q2: How do you recharge a grease gun?

ANS: Rotate the barrel and unscrew it from the upper cap. Pull the rod handle downward and empty the barrel of the grease gun. Now remove one side of the cartridge and insert it inside the empty barrel of the grease gun. Push the rod handle and screw the barrel again. It is how you can recharge a grease gun.

Q3: How do you unlock a grease gun?

ANS: Hold the barrel in the right and cap in the left hand and rotate it counter-clockwise. You can easily unlock the grease gun by turning.

Final Words

Finally, you have read the complete article and get information about how to prime a grease gun. Follow the above steps and make sure all air must remove from it. Priming is compulsory for both new and old grease guns. Follow these instructions and ask in the comment section if you feel any trouble.

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