How To Sand Concrete With Hand and Sander in 7 Steps

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As trends change over time and nowadays, people love the sanded concrete in their houses and offices. But it’s pretty tricky to sand it. You must have experience or knowledge about How To Sand Concrete properly.

To make your floor luxurious, you must know the entire process to get better results. Moreover, it is frequently used in the construction of homes, buildings, and offices.

How To Sand Concrete

How To Sand Concrete
How To Sand Concrete

The purpose of sanding is to give a fine finish and make it smooth and luxurious so that it looks attractive. It needs to ensure the surface must be smooth and scratches-free. So, we guide you on how to sand concrete in the right way, and you have to follow the given steps and sand the concrete yourself.

#1 Preparation of Floor

The first step before sanding is you have to prepare the surface of the floor. The surfaces might consist of so many scratches and bumps. You have to remove and fix the scratches and irregularities on it.

It is pretty challenging to clean the corners of the surface. Cold Chisels are effective in making corners clean, so use them according to the appropriate method. Furthermore, you should make sure you don’t delay because once it starts to get cracked, it becomes hard to fix.

#2 Hiring a Professional Expert

It would be better to hire a professional to handle sanding after preparing the floor thoroughly. You can also sand the concrete, but it may leave scratches on the floor surfaces, but you can not match the results of the professionalist.

For that purpose, it’s better to hire a professional expert because they have many advantages. They have all the appropriate equipment and know how to use them properly. Additionally, they are incredibly proficient at saving your time and completing the job, and no one else can do that.

But if you are experienced or know enough to sand the floor, you can source the sander from any workshop and use it yourself. It also saves you money and time you would waste waiting for a professional. Although there are various concrete sanders available on the market, you should go for water hose-connected sanders that provide the constant flow of water while sanding.

#3 Use An Orbital Sander

The Orbital Sander is the best option to expose the floor’s surface because it is compatible with dry and wet sandpapers. Contrary to this, it is time-consuming to sand and does not yield the desired result.

If you know how to sand concrete, then it’s better to take the sander from the workshop or Diy shop and do it with your hands. The water-hose sander is ideal for that since it prevents dust from spreading everywhere. Besides this, the other option is to use the vacuum bag that collects all the dust in it that produces sand and keeps the environment healthy and clean.

#4 Collect The Appropriate Equipment

Before sanding the concrete, you must have all the equipment. The concrete sander is not enough for sanding the floor. In addition to that, It would be best if you had other equipment like densifiers, abrasive equipment, and sealants.
Sandpaper with Proper Grit

For sanding, you must use the proper grit level of the sandpaper to get a fine finish. Moreover, you have to use coarse grit and then fine grit to end with an attractive and clean finish.

The amount of grit varies from the extremes of your floor surface. Usually, 40-60 grit is enough for sandpaper if you’re going to do a basic sanding. But if you want to remove the scratches and irregularities or bumps, you have to use sandpaper and grit of between 80 and 120.

If you want ultrafine sanding, you will need a grit between 200 and 400 along with sandpaper. On the contrary, if the floor situation is worse, you should use the diamond disc to smooth.

#5 Work Sequence

The reason why people hire a professional is that they have years of experience in the sanding floor. But if you are doing it with your hand, you must know how to sand concrete by hand. Follow the given steps for hassle-free and better results.

It’s better to start sanding from the corners of the floor and then move slightly toward the centers. Select the corner and sand it from 4 to 5 feet square, and make sure you cover the length and width of the room.

After sanding, it’s time to remove all the dust and clean the floor. You have to make sure that there is no strain, scratches, and bumps remain left and use the superfine sandpaper to give it a fine and smooth finish. Don’t stop if you are not satisfied with the desired results.

#6 Protect Your Product After Sanding

Finally, you have completed your sanding sophisticatedly, and it’s time to protect it from damage or other types of uncertainty. It is helpful to use the concrete sealer to give the surface an attractive and smooth look. If you are still not satisfied with the result, it’s better to use two coats of concrete sealer. Finally, you have learned the best way to sand concrete.

#7 How To Sand Concrete Floors by Hand (Maintenance)

It is well known how to sand concrete and cement and give it a fine finish, but we will provide you with some quick tips to help you remember.

  • Make sure to clean the floor regularly to remain protected from the damaging.
  • You should use fresh water to clean the floor and remove the dust from its surfaces.
  • Immediately washes the floor surface if some liquids like tea, coffee, or milk drop on it. Otherwise, it will leave a spot on it.
  • Check the floor regularly if it needs to wash or clean or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can you sand concrete?

ANS: Yes, it is possible to sand any concrete, no matter it is a wall or floor. The important thing is that you have to use the correct tool for sanding.

Q2: Can you sand down concrete?

ANS: Of course, You have to use the appropriate sanding tool to sand down the concrete.

Q3: How do you smooth out a set concrete floor?

ANS: A particular type of sander is used to smooth out the hard concrete floor. It would be best if you had a sander and must have sealants and densifiers. So this is how to smooth the concrete floor.

Q4: Can you sand concrete with regular sandpaper?

ANS: Yeah, It is possible you can use regular sandpaper, but it is not a good practice as it takes so many sandpapers and consumes a lot of time. Instead of that, we recommend using diamond sandpaper that is far beneficial for sanding the concrete.

Q5: What is the best tool for sanding concrete?

ANS: An orbital sander is much better and easy to use to sanding the concrete. After that, diamond sandpaper is also better for it. You can use any of them that can save your time and effort.

Q6: Can concrete be sanded down?

ANS: Yes, it is possible only with the right equipment like diamond sandpaper.

Q7: How do you sand a concrete floor by hand?

ANS: Sand the concrete is a pretty tricky job, but it is possible with hand. You have to use diamond sandpapers or pads for that purpose.

Q8: What do I need to sand concrete sealer off the floor?

ANS: You have to use two easy methods to concrete sand sealers off the floor. One is mechanical, and the other is chemical. Both have their characteristics and need to use different tools like sanders, sandpapers, diamond sandpapers, or diamond pads.

Q9: What grit sandpaper for concrete floors?

ANS: The grit level consists of the seriousness of the irregularities. If there is a minor bump, then it is enough to use 80-120 grit sandpaper. For a better finish, you can go up to 200-400 grit sandpaper.

Q10: How to sand cement?

ANS: You can easily sand the cement by using a proper tool. You can sand the cement with good sandpaper.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you have learned how to sand concrete without any professional sanders. In this modern time, it becomes the need of every home, office, and building. The reason behind this is that it gives an attractive look to your stones and makes them fancy. Several methods have been tried, but we present some of them here that we consider best. If you still have any questions in your mind, put them in the comment section. Our team will solve it ASAP.

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