How To Use a Grease Gun Properly ( Beginners Guide )

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In the case of your first use of a grease gun, you may find it a little tricky. This is because machines need to be lubricated from time to time, and you have to provide them. Therefore, we teach you How To Use a Grease Gun if you have never greased your machine yet.

Every machine’s parts need to be lubricated for smooth running. If you do not follow the proper instruction to use the grease gun, you can not lubricate your machine’s parts.

In this article we have discussed how does a grease gun work but you also need to know Priming the Grease Gun .

How To Use a Grease Gun Properly

How To Use a Grease Gun

We have provided a straightforward method that each user can follow to use the gun effectively. Don’t be concerned! Using the grease gun is not complicated. We also provide some valuable tips that give benefits to your to optimize your grease gun performance.

First of all, you need to be well-informed about the type of grease gun you are using. Many kinds of grease guns are available today, including mini grease guns, manual grease guns, automatic grease guns, and pistol grease guns.

Manual Grease Gun:

It is most widely used due to its optimal performance. It needs to pull the lever to get sufficient pressure to deliver the grease smoothly through the nozzle.

Battery-Operated Grease Gun:

you don’t need to stick with its cord; that’s why it is also famous as a cordless grease gun. However, it must charge it properly before you can start using it.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun:

It is a lever-type grease gun that can operate with a single hand. It has a pistol shape design and has a full grip on it.  Ir needs to pump the pistol handle to come out the grease from the machine.

Air-Powered Grease Gun:

It is a high-standard professional grease gun that does not need any pumping to deliver the grease. Moreover, the Air-powered grease gun is a USA-made grease gun.

Loading The Grease Gun

Before you know how to use a grease gun, you must be experienced loading the grease gun with and without a cartridge. In addition, it will help to use it properly.

  • First, hold the gun tightly and remove the cap from the barrel by rotating it counter-clockwise.
  • Next, pull the rod handle downward until the whole barrel looks empty. It is the place where you can save the grease cartridge.
  • Now, remove the old cartridge from the grease gun.
  • Remove the one side of the latest cartridge and insert it inside the grease gun.
  • Push the rod handle again and remove all the air from the grease gun
  • Reattach the cap on the barrel and test the grease’s flow coming out from the grease gun. You will notice a smooth pressure after removing all air from the gun.

How To Apply The Grease?

Before using the grease gun, You should decide the area where it needs to be applied. It would help if you took care that the grease is not involved in areas where it is not required and only at the specific area where it needs. It just not only save your grease from wastage but also saves your time and increases efficiency.

Ensure the grease delivery flow, and if its flow is smooth, your gun is ready to lubricate the part of the machines. So, put the nozzle at the target area and start lubricating your machine’s components. Of course, you have to use a flexible hose if the targeted area is hard to reach.

When you are ready to deliver grease, you must know how long a hose is required and how much grease is enough for the targeted spot. The air-powered grease gun is relatively easy to use in the workshop and garage.

Additionally, before using the battery-powered grease gun, make sure the gun fully charges.

Grease Gun Tips for Easy Maintenance

If you feel some problems while lubricating, you have to use these practical tips to maintain the grease gun.

Clean Fitting:

Before applying the grease, make sure the cap is fitted correctly with its barrel. Then, you can follow the expert instructions to hold the gun and how much grease is suitable for the targeted spot.

Don’t Mix Up

When inserting the new cartridge, ensure the grease gun is completely clean and free from the damaged grease. Otherwise, it will damage your fresh grease and face interrupted experience while applying the lubricant.

Don’t Tight Too Much.

Never put too much pressure in tightening the cap on the barrel of the grease gun. As a result, it will destroy and lose the bearing shield that causes function failure.

Double Check the Fitting First

It would help if you always double-checked how the grease gun works before applying it. The grease gun testing will help you determine whether it works correctly or has any remaining flaws.

Clean The Gun After Every Use

It is essential to clean the old grease before add new grease. But the best practice is to clean the gun after every use. It will increase the life span of the grease gun.

Flammable Lubricants

Grease is a flammable lubricant, so it should place away from the fire; otherwise, it will burn everything set near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you get a grease gun to work?

ANS: You can get the best heavy-duty grease gun to work efficiently. First, know your requirement and pick the one that suits your workload.

Q2: How do you use a handheld grease gun?

ANS: The handheld grease gun operates manually by pressing the handle to remove the grease from the grease gun.

Q3: Can you leave grease in a grease gun?

ANS: No! It is a bad practice. If you leave the grease inside the grease gun, it will ruin it and reduce the age of the tool’s life span.


Every machine needs lubrication to work smoothly. Otherwise, it will not work efficiently. So you have to learn how to use a grease gun to increase the age of your machines. You will not feel any difficulty in operating the gun. The Grease guns frequently use at automobile shops, workshops, and garages.

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