How To Use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint From Wood & Walls

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Are you feeling bored by seeing the same paints on your walls, doors, or furniture? If you want to change your place or upgrade your decoration, then you must change the Paint to give it an attractive look. Here we guide you on How To Use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint.

The orbital sander is the best choice to remove the Paint from the wood, furniture, indoor rooms, or outer walls. You may find another alternative to remove the Paint, but this is the best method that an expert uses.

How To Use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint

How To Use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint

If you are an entry-level or experienced, you have to follow some steps to gain the required result. Moreover, to ensure successful removal of the Paint using an orbital sander, consider whether the wood covers many layers of Paint or a single layer.

If the wood has many layers, you have to remove them using some good scrapper or stripper. After removing the thick layer of Paint, only a small amount of Paint stuck on the wood. Now it’s time to use an orbital sander to remove this Paint and give a fine finish to the wood or furniture.

Similarly, if the wood does not consist of many layers, an orbital sander will quickly remove the older Paint. This process will be outlined step-by-step. Follow every step to make sure you are protected and complete your application hassle-free.

Testing The Paint For Lead

You have to be careful with lead when removing the paints. The chances of the wall having lead are highest in an older house. There are two easy ways to remove lead from the paints. Either you can purchase some tests and remove the lead yourself.

Furthermore, another way of removing lead from the wall is by a professional. It is better to hire a professional sander to gain satisfactory results. However, the products are too costly for many people.

If your wall paints contain lead, you cannot remove them with orbital sanders because they would generate toxic dust that is dangerous to breathe. As soon as you are ready to remove the lead paint from the surfaces, you must wear a respirator or safety equipment and chemical strippers or short guns for the task.

In the same respect, if you are still confused about removing lead from your home, don’t rush into it. Hiring a professional sander is the best option to remove lead from the paints.

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Determine the approach

Now it’s time to decide what you exactly need. It only depends on the thickness and the conditions of the paints.
We discuss here two main scenarios about how to use an orbital sander to remove Paint. The first one is that your wood does not consist of a thick layer of Paint. You have to remove the loose paints and use the orbital sander directly.

On the contrary, if the wood contains multiple layers of paints and is hard to remove, you have to use the stripper or heat gun to lose the thick layer first, clean it, and then apply the orbital sander to give it a good finish.

Removal of Paint By Orbital Sanding

When removing the Paint using an orbital sander, You must follow the safety measures to keep it protected from its harness. It would be best if you had the proper equipment to keep yourself safe from the dust, as well as harmful dust particles that directly affect your health and your house decoration.

To start, you need your safety mask to provide you safety from the toxic dust and wear the goggle to protect the eyes from the dust and chemical particles. Don’t forget to connect the sander to the dust removal unit, as it will catch up with all the dust produced during sanding. If you are working inside the door, you must cover all your furniture and doors to protect them from the sanding dust. It would help if you also covered the door not to move dust from one room to another.

The ideal process of sanding is to remove the Paint from the hand as much as you can. When you are satisfied with removing the Paint with your hands, it’s time to use an orbital sander to remove the paints’ leaving spots. The only thing you’ve got to watch out for is that you might damage the wood if you use it too much.

During sanding, put gentle pressure on your hands and never stop the sander. Keep moving so that it will give a fine finish on the wood and does not impose scratches. The grit is equally important while sanding. Likewise, we recommend using the coarser grit of 40-80 to remove the paints and the 220 finer to give it a fine finish.

Removing the Paint using Heat Gun or Stripper

As we suggest using the head gun or stripper to remove the paint from the surface of the wood. But before using, you must know the pros and cons of using a heat gun or a stripper. The dust does not make products during both processes, but there is a slight difference between both.

While using a heat gun produces fumes when you impose the hot air on the paints’ surface. It is easy to remove the Paint when the Paint loses its shine with a scraper. While stripper takes a long time as its speed is slow. When you heat with the appropriate temperature, it does not generate the fume but still doesn’t forget to wear the breading mask to remain safe from its toxic particles.

Similarly, when we talk about a stripper, the process is relatively easy and peaceful. You have to apply one layer of it, and it will loosen the Paint’s grip from the surface of the wood.

When it thoroughly mix up into the paints, the Paint will bubble up. Now it’s time to remove the bubbling Paint with a hand scraper, remove the paint layer, and clean the wood surface. If the wood containing many layers of paints, repeat the same process many times. You must have a good hand scraper to complete your job hassle-free

You should use the sander when you satisfy that the paint is remaining only 5%. In short, you must remove all Paint as much as possible. It may be better to use a liquid, but the wood must be thoroughly dry before sanding. Furthermore, apply all safety measures and tips while sanding discussed above.


After the sanding process, it’s time to give an extra-fine finish to looks attractive. There are various materials for finishing, including polyurethane wood finish, lacquer, penetrating finish, wood oil, or varnish.

Safety Tips

Most of the users remain confused about how to use an orbital sander to remove the Paint, but it is more important how to remain safe during a removal. Follow the given safety measures to remove the Paint safely.

It would be best if you kept yourself protected from fumes, dust, toxic particles, and other harmful chemicals. It would help if you used a goggle, breathing mask that provides safety by entering the toxic particle getting inside your that cause lung disease or cancer.

For better protection, it is preferable to use sanding gloves when sanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What type of sander is best for removing paint?

ANS: The orbital sander is the best solution to remove the paint from the walls and wood.

Q2: What is the best way to remove paint from wood?

ANS: There are two ways to remove paint from the wood. If you want to remove paint quickly, then a heat gun is the best way to remove it. But if you have time, then stripper is the best way to remove the paint, but it takes time.

Q3: Is an orbital sander better than a sheet sander?

ANS: The orbital sander is better than the sheet sander as it is quick and fast. It is more powerful and can easily remove the hard and thick layers of the paints from the wood.

Q4: Can I use an orbital sander to remove paint?

ANS: Yes, you can use an orbital sander to remove the paint, but first, you have to remove the thick layers and then use a sander.

Q5: What grit sandpaper to remove paint with the orbital sander?

ANS: 60-grit sandpaper is enough to remove the paint from the wood by using an orbital sander.

Final Words

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If you are confusing about How to use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint, we have sorted out your problem here. Please read the complete info article to take benefits from our personal collecting information. The Writions teams always provide information that is personally experienced.

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