How To Use Speedfan to Control CPU Fan Speed


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Speedfan is software used to monitor a computer’s fan speed. Unfortunately, if you use an old or cheap PC, it can be hard to keep it cool.

It may overheat and turn off randomly, slowing down your work and leading to data loss.

There are many ways for you to fix this problem, but they all require technical knowledge that most people do not have.

You can try installing new fans on your case, upgrade the cooling system of your computer or simply use better quality fans as replacement parts for the ones on your PC now.

But none of these solutions will help if you don’t know how to install them correctly!

We created this guide to easily understand what steps need to be taken when using a Speedfan. This way, even those without much tech experience can do this themselves.

What Is A Speedfan?

SpeedFan is a powerful freeware application that monitors voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures inside computers with hardware monitor chips. It supports SCSI disks, too, if the drivers are loaded.

It uses an SMBus or I2C-compatible hardware to efficiently retrieve this information directly from your PC’s motherboard via special software called Device Drivers.

A popular freeware utility for Windows-based computers helps check temperature and control fans in personal computers running on Microsoft operating systems like Windows 10, 8/8.1, etc.

How To Use A Speedfan?

Follow the guide so it can become easy for you to utilize a SpeedFan;

#1 Debug Electric Control Fans

So you want to be able to control your computer’s fans? Well, the first step in making this happen is debugging all of them. You can do so by opening up your motherboard and beginning with that process.

This step is critical, and you cannot skip it. If you ignore this step and try to move onto the next one directly, your computer could freeze up at any time or cause some other major side effects that would make using your computer impossible.

#2 Navigation To Google Browser

Now that you have completed the first step, move on to the Google search engine. Here, type “SpeedFan PHP” and carefully install SpeedFan from here if possible. Other links are also available to install this program.

The installation of SpeedFan will allow you to look at your motherboard and see what sensors are being used or not.

#3 Few More Settings

After downloading and installing a speed fan, a user may choose whether or not they want to scan for different types of information related to fans, temperature, voltage, etc.

Depending upon what type of hardware components are installed on the personal laptop/desktop PC.

To avoid wasting time and ensure perfection, make sure to check the button carefully.

The switch is significant as if you fail to do so when pressing the exit button, your fan will restart with its previous settings at that moment.

In addition, temperatures will not rise either, which means it’s a waste of time not checking this step for everything else to process properly.

#4 Advanced Tab Navigation

To make the SpeedFan work for you, navigate to the Advanced tab. There are two options:

  1. a) Select your SuperiOR board chip
  2. , b) Go with PWM control instead if manual speed adjustment is desired.

#5 Adjusting The Fan Speed

To adjust the fan speed, you will need to use arrow keys present below or above a window.

You can set the minimum and maximum speed for your fans to run most efficiently.

#6 Checking The Automatically Variated Box

To rename the Automatically Variated Box, you first have to check it. Then carefully click on it and press F2 on your keyboard.

#7 Navigating To The Temperatures Tab

If you think your computer’s components are not cool enough, try experimenting with some new fan-speed settings and turn on the Show in tray option.

This allows you to display all of the elements you want to monitor most often, so they are always visible without opening anything up.

Why Is It Important To Learn Using SpeedFan?

When your computer is overheating, it may become unstable.

It can also cause permanent damage to the hardware components of a computer if left unchecked for too long.

This means that you should learn how to use SpeedFan as soon as possible to not have any issues with overheating.

When dealing with computers and similar devices, one must take numerous precautions to ensure their safety and well-being.

One such precaution which people often neglect until they have experienced an issue firsthand is making sure your device does not overheat.

Because when this happens, it will likely stop working properly, but serious problems could occur, including physical harm being done by exposing sensitive equipment like motherboards or CPUs directly resulting from heat exposure, leading them to become damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Speedfan get the information it uses to monitor the computer?

Speedfan gets this from your system’s hardware like CPU, ram, and other sensors, which make up a pc so that you can check how well they are working or not.

How do I control fan speed with Speedfan?

If you are experiencing problems with your computer fan, the first thing that most people try is to control it using a program like Speedfan.

Most computers have three or four fans inside of them;

  • One for each major component CPU, GPU/Video Card(s),
  • System Memory
  • and Hard Drive.

The problem arises when these components are not communicating properly with the motherboard due to insufficient power from an inadequate PSU unit.

Or some type of interference that may be generated by another electrical device close to this equipment, such as external hard drives connected via USB cable.

We need a constant supply voltage at specific levels for our CPU’s cooling mechanism to work correctly. More often than not, any fault within the system will manifest itself through erratic.

Can Speedfan damage my computer?

The short answer is no, Speedfan cannot damage your computer.

However, if you are using it to monitor the temperature in an area of high heat or dust accumulation, then yes, there can be some potential for physical damage to occur over long periods of use due to increased temperature found within those areas as monitored by this software too.

Is Speedfan a virus?

Some people think that SpeedFan is a virus even though it is not because it was installed without their permission.

Some people think that speed fan is a virus, although it is not because they did not permit installing the software on their computer.

Wrapping Up!

SpeedFan is a small, lightweight program that helps you keep tabs on your computer’s vital statistics.

It can help you to monitor the speeds of each component in your sy

We have discussed how it works and how to use this tool to understand better what might need fixing before things go wrong, but there are so many more features worth exploring.

Let us know about any other cool tips or tricks you find with SpeedFan.

We want to hear all about them!


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